Whether your next trip planned is to discover a country you have never been to, simply to invest in few days unwinding on a beach or it is your work demanding your travel, we all would have quite a few stories about the daunting experience of packing our bags.

Contrary to the traditional suitcases which were large ugly boxes and were cumbersome to carry as well, the technology and our drive to create increased convenience in our everyday lives have also provided significant improvements in the sector of luggage carriers.

When it comes to the perpetual dilemma of carry-on suitcase vs travel backpack, it all depends on your personal preferences and travel needs. Although it is evident that we prefer the backpack option, not because we feel nostalgic about the good old school days, but because we’ve found it to be the more practical alternative. 

Beyond this point is where “smart luggage” comes in: Thanks to technology, you do not have to endure the anxiety related to your luggage. With built-in features like GPS locators, USB ports to charge your devices, solar-powered batteries, and remote lock systems, smart luggage is considered to be the next game-changer in the travel industry.

Smart luggage is a name given to any luggage carrier, which uses batteries to electronically power itself to enable itself for provisioning multiple services for its user. Carriers have come a long way since pioneering boutique startups first introduced device-charging bags to the marketplace.

In a mere five years, their popularity is skyrocketing, and increased demand caused major mainstream luggage manufacturers to produce their own lines. 

Anyone who has suffered the frustration or irritation of failing to score on workstation seat or jostle for an outlet at the gate that is primed to be a smart and convenient bag convert. Those who have already got the plunge will likely attest that after buying one, there is no going back.

Moreover, to juicing up on the go, charging a device within arm’s reach rather than across the lounge offers protection, security and peace of mind that make the higher price tag well worth it. 

Types of SMART Luggage Carriers

Another factor contributing to the shift for SMART travel cases is the fact that you do not have to sacrifice the look of your suitcase for its efficiency. Sleek designs made from durable materials make these travel accessories your stylish companion guaranteed to last for years to come.

At the time of its infancy, the SMART Luggage market faced a setback when TSA banned smart luggage without removable lithium-ion batteries in early 2018. This caused several brands to fold. However, others adapted, finding workarounds to alter designs to meet new requirements, and the second generation of smart bags was born. 

Now we can see many brands with attractive cool new features, which go far beyond the primary battery pack, like LED lights, fast-charging USB-C ports and more. There is even a one called a Modobag, which is essentially a suitcase to carry that doubles as a scooter with a sweet set of some amazing features.

It even has a built-in seat and footrests for travellers who would rather sit as they make their way through the airport and the sometimes-long ques. The max speed of this bag is 8 miles per hour, and it can go about 6 miles on a single charge. Then handle acts as steering, which can be pulled up to pull the suitcase on its wheels like a regular bag.

Either ridden or dragged, it has two USB ports to keep devices charged, and an optional GPS to keep track of the Modobag itself.

Although Smart Bags are a type of luggage carrier themselves, we can categorize them further in the following basic categories:

  1. Smart Backpack Luggage Carriers
  2. Smart Carry on Luggage Cases

SMART Backpack Luggage Carriers:

As the name suggests, the Backpack Luggage Carriers are strapped over the shoulders, which allows you to have your hands free and is comparatively a more convenient and practical way to carry your luggage. The new Smart Luggage Backpack Carriers are being offered by a variety of brands in the market and are often called tech backpacks. Apparently, these tech backpacks appear to be same as the regular backpacks.

Still, they come with some additional features for an improved user experience such as an adapter to easily charge your electronic devices like your phones and laptops to the extent of having level solar panels installed to recharge itself and connected devices.

SMART Carry On Luggage Carriers

These Smart Luggage Carriers have a more futuristic look as compared to the regular trolley bags we have been using for a long time while also including features beyond the primary battery pack, that includes LED lights, fast-charging USB-C ports and a lot more such as Anti-theft protection and GPS locators. 

Our Top 5 Picks

1. Nomatic Backpack

NOMATIC Backpack- Water-Resistant RFID Laptop Bag, Everyday Backpack 20L - Updated 2020 V2

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The Nomatic Backpack is hands down in the perfect everyday backpack out there. It steals the limelight in all the major categories that include durability, useful features, and even style appeal. The impressive feature about this bag is its pending strap system. This enables you to seamlessly transition from backpack to briefcase in just a matter of minutes. All in all, this is one great functional rucksack, which—with its superb boxy black profile—also looks effortlessly stylish and cool on your back.

  • Durable
  • Multi-functional bag
  • Sunglasses case
  • Have some quality issues

2. Under Armour Hustle 4 Backpack

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack , Black (001)/Silver , One Size

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If you are a budget-friendly buyer than this is undoubtedly your thing and as its name suggests, it is the ideal backpack for your daily hustle. With its all amazing features, this backpack comes in a whole range of unique colours. The favourites of customers include the academy blue and silver combination and the more classic black. But you are the boss. Have a browse and see what appeals you the most.

  • Superb textile lining
  • Water-resistant
  • 14″ shoulder drop
  • Size doesn’t suit everyone
  • Poor craftsmanship

3. Aer Fit Pack 2

Extra Large Backpack,Travel Laptop Backpack TSA Friendly Durable Computer Backpack with USB Charging Port for Men&Women,Water-Resistant Big Business College School Bookbag Fits 17 Inch Laptop&Notebook

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This is one of the most versatile everyday backpacks in our list. In simple and even in sophisticated black, it can be worn with any workwear, whether that is a typical suit or a casual shirt and chinos, over a jacket in extreme winter, or even with a t-shirt in summer. The Fit Pack 2 provides ample amount of storage space without being at all bulky, and you will have no problem fitting in gym and work essentials.

  • Ample space
  • Quite versatile
  • Not at all heavy
  • pricey

4. Heimplanet Original

HEIMPLANET Original | Transit Line - TRAVEL PACK V1 (Castlerock, 34L)

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You have to admit that one right place to start your day is with a comfortable and high-performance everyday backpack which can carry all your essentials without putting stress or strain on your back. The Heimplanet Original has a modest and clean aesthetic. The internal pockets can fit laptops up to 15 inches. There are also two rows of MOLLE webbing in order to put in additional pouches for other organization. 

  • Very comfortable
  • Have a capacious internal pockets
  • Contains two rows of MOLLE webbing
  • Very simple design

5. Hugo Boss Crosstown Leather Backpack

BOSS Hugo Boss Men's Pixel Nylon Backpack, Black, One Size

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This Hugo Boss backpack is the entirely high-end everyday backpack that would not at all look out of place in the front row even of Paris Fashion Week. The full-grain leather is tactile and supple while the padded mesh back provides extra comfort. The straps are adjustable and as well as comfortable so that you can modify as necessary. 

  • Great for regular usage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Very comfortable
  • Contains only one exterior pocket


As we can easily conclude from all the information provided in this review that the Smart Carry Bags market is currently in the development stage and it might take some time before we start getting products, which are refined to the highest level.

Moreover, the strict travel regulations enforced by individual air carriers due to onboard safety concerns have also put a substantial dent on this industry, making some manufacturers fold entirely. 

Moreover, the ideal carry bag for a traveler depends on multiple factors like duration, nature/purpose, mode and even the destination to travel so there cannot be 1 product which can suit or satisfy all those requirements.

But it can be said that backpacks are probably a more suitable choice if your trip is relatively short and probably not of an official nature as it might not be possible to carry your suits in those often stuffed backpacks. 

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