Can a skateboard fit in a backpack

skateboard fit in a backpack

 Can a skateboard fit in a backpack?

Are you one of those who love to skateboard around everywhere, whether you are going to the market, school, office, or go even when you are off to a vacation with your family or friends? Despite how easy it is to use a skateboard, carrying it around in your hand all the time once you have reached your destination can become a very hectic task for you.

You will have to take other things with you that you will need besides the skateboard. Well, in that case, a backpack is the best and the most convenient option. But the question is that is it possible to fit a skateboard along with your other essentials in a bag? And if yes, how is that possible?

Let us tell you that with a few tips and tricks and by choosing the right backpack, you will be able to carry it with your bag or fit it inside it, eliminating the need of having it in your hands all the time. This article is all about sharing the correct information with you about how you can fit a skateboard in a backpack.

Choosing the right backpack

Some backpacks are specially designed to fit skateboards inside them. These backpacks allow you to slide in the skateboards with great convenience and without any damage.

There is a verity of bags available in the market that come in different shapes and sizes. Some of these backpacks have a belt on the backside with hooks or buckles; with the help, you can easily attach or tie your skateboard to your pack. These bags also have extra storage capacity inside them so that you can fit in all the other essentials or books along with your skateboard inside the backpack.

To ensure you are getting your hands on the best bag, the first and the most important thing you have to do is check the size of the backpack that can accommodate the size of the skateboard you have. The next thing is to make sure that the quality is good, the bag is durable, and it has stuff like pads or extra pockets inside it according to your need.

Size of the backpack

As we have already mentioned, the backpacks come in different sizes and no matter how expensive and how much good quality bag you are using to carry your skateboard in it. If it’s of the wrong size, then you won’t ever be satisfied with it.

Consider before getting a backpack that are you just going to carry the skateboard in it or do you have to take other things such as helmet, pads, your water bottle, maybe your shoes, and so in this case you have to purchase a long bag. So always look for the size before purchasing.

Weight of the backpack

Skateboards are not so light in weight; most are very bulky, so you have to consider the weight of the backpack you are purchasing. Make sure you get your hand on the lightest yet the most substantial pack in quality. So that you can quickly move around while carrying it on your back.

Pads and quality of zips

While checking the bag’s durability and versatility, you also have to ensure that your purchasing bag has pads in it, though not very hard ones, to protect your skateboard from getting damaged inside the bag. Also, please make sure the zips are of good quality and can hold in the skateboard inside despite its weight.

Using a strap

If your skateboard is quite long and the backpack you currently have can’t fit it properly, you don’t have to think about it because you can carry your skateboard along with the help of the strap of your backpack. This is one of the simplest options and a cheaper one too.

You can attach your skateboard across your bag by using this strap or any other rope or string. This will remove your struggle of carrying a skateboard in your hand and not damage the board. You can also purchase an additional strap from the market other than using the backpack’s strap.

These straps are specially designed to hold the skateboard in place while you attach it at the back of your bag. This technique also allows you to carry as much stuff as you want to keep in your backpack and at the same time makes you take your skateboard along.

But in case you are going to carry it around while walking, you might get tired because of the weight, and sometimes the strap might also get detached if the burden on the backpack is too much.

Quality of the strap

In case you are using the strap to attach your skateboard across your backpack, its very curtail to make sure that you are using the straps of a very good quality that would not come off and will be strong enough to stay on your shoulder or hold the skateboard in place while carrying.

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These were the two options that we found convenient for you guys to use to fit your skateboard in your backpack or fit it across your bag. You can access both of these options and then use the one you find the most suitable for you.

You always have to ensure the quality, durability, and versatility of the backpack before purchasing so you don’t have to face any difficulties or inconvenience later. We hope the information shared in this article was helpful.

Thanks for reading. Good day!

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