Top 8 Best Leather Backpacks for Women In 2021

A perfect leather backpack is necessary for every woman who has to lug around with heavy laptops, office accessories, gadgets, or any other essential stuff. A good-quality bag for ladies is not at all challenging, but the fact is, while many travel backpacks are incredibly functional and practical, they don’t always look great. A woman leather backpack can be vital to accommodate your day-to-day essentials, takes quite a beating, and does not compromise on the style. In short, a leather backpack is a seamless travel companion if you want to look cooler than all of the other backpacking jokers. 

Though we admit that choosing a backpack is not as tricky as buying other products, but you can easily get puzzled by the numerous options available in the market.

We have made the list of best leather backpacks for women, containing unbiased reviews with a comprehensive buying guide, which includes some important features to select your style icon comfortably and make your buying process an easy task.

Have a look!

  1. Coolcy Hot Style Leather Backpack

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Our first pick is a backpack from Coolcy, which offers a feel and excellent quality that simply cannot be matched by any synthetic products. If you are looking for something which can be your partner in travelling than believe me this is your thing as it is an excellent option as a carry-on or something to take along with on sight-seeing expeditions.

While carrying this bag, you don’t have to worry about your stuff as there is one anti-theft zipped compartment on the rear of the backpack, which is perfect for securing your valuables.  Furthermore, the leather used for this backpack is of the highest and finest quality which adds to the bag’s richness, and also the durability and longevity of the bag


  • A quite roomy backpack with lots of storage space in the main compartment
  •  Anti-theft pocket
  • Fits snugly under a plane seat
  • Vintage rugged design


  • may not be big enough for a heavy packer 
  • contains irritating smell 

2. Tuscany Leather Shanghai

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This leather handbag is anything but boring. Tuscany leather handbag comes in various designs and colours. The bag’s size might be small for some ladies, but its beauty will hold a days’ worth of items without taking some extra space.

This handbag is highly stylish. It consists of a sleek structure and minimal design and contains two pockets on the front and the rear. Its wide range of colours includes seven shades like vibrant, yellow, blue, and some traditional options of black and brown.

Tuscany is made from soft leather, so there is no sign of doubt that it will last for years and years. The stitching is of high-quality that you will not even lose a thread and when it comes to the straps, you should not be worried as the straps securely attached to its body.

In short, this will surely get you compliments from strangers and your colleagues.


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Wide range of colours
  • The easy transformation from a backpack to a sling bag


  • Size is small
  • Straps are too narrow to withstand anything heavy than a tablet.


3. Leatherology Parker Backpack 

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Leatherology is a luxury bag brand based in Texas. They have everything from design to production in-house, only you to know that you are getting a fantastic product that has undergone a ton of quality testing. 

The organization of this handbag is just amazing. There are two substantial zipped main compartments with a front zippered outside compartment. It also contains numerous pockets, including a laptop pocket for slim tech up to 17 inches, a 2 x 2-inch exterior side pockets for your keys and chargers, and another small exterior zip pocket. If you want to purchase a leather handbag of soft leather, then the Leatherology Parker Backpack is a perfect choice for you. You will get a range of black leather and brown leather shades, and it is pretty versatile.


  • soft leather makes this a very comfortable bag to use
  • Personalized monogram service is not that expensive
  • Very spacious inside
  • Keeps your tech separate from everything else


  • Indeed on the pricey side for a travel backpack
  • No warranty
  • the leather grain is variable in look

4. ALTOSY Soft Leather Backpack

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Next is another fantastic backpack for women which is also made from of high-quality top-grain cow leather, making it 100% genuine leather. If you want a convertible anti-theft leather bag with exceptional quality than Altosy bag is your best choice. This backpack comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which means you can carry it as a backpack, shoulder handbag, all in one deal.

It might look a typical backpack, but it is indeed a practical anti-theft backpack. You would see that there are two pockets in the front, but as it is the anti-theft backpack, the main pocket is zipped open from the back, making it very practical and safe for you to put your essential and expensive items in the main pocket.  


  • A ridiculous amount of room for technology
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • versatile


  • Can’t fit everything
  • Difficult to organize your stuff

5. Chrysansmile Shoulder Sling Leather Backpack

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This Chrysansmile high-end, genuine leather backpack is perfect for those who don’t want a too dressy type of bag. Finished from genuine cowhide leather; softness luxury and quality are the first and foremost things that come to mind when you hold this bag. The leather of this bag is smooth and glossy, and also scratch-resistant. You would be further impressed when you got to know its affordable price!

Another great thing about this backpack is its superb flexibility. It can be easily converted and worn as a chest pack and shoulder bag, messenger bag, and travel bag- again getting all in one! The satchel strap is completely adjustable and can fit people with regular and plus-size body types. In short, this bag is ideal for a variety of purposes.


  • A roomy backpack
  • Multipurpose bag
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Budget-friendly


  • A magnetic button might be a hassle.
  • Size not suitable for all 

6. Copi Quilted Leather Backpack

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This is a piece that looks a little more like a backpack but still manages to recollect the charm of a women’s bag. No doubt that this bag seems stunning in ivory but is also accessible in black, beige, gold, light grey, and even pink. It is purposely designed with a straight bottom third disconnected from the rest of the bag by a zipper.

The crisscross pattern on top two-thirds gives it an authentic feminine feel as well as providing you with a distinctive look, and indeed your bag will stand out in the crowd!

There is one rationally sized interior pocket which could accommodate your iPad or another tablet approximately 10 inches in size. You will also find an external pocket with a zip closure which is designed for your wallet, cell phone or a small number of personal items. 

This is essentially a giant-sized purse, which is much easier to carry along as you can secure it to you back and move swiftly and efficiently and safely through any crowd. At the same time, it is stylish and perfect enough to take out on a date and still look like a fashionista.


  • Stylish bag
  • Variety of colours
  • Numerous pockets
  • Adjustable straps


  • Not suitable for heavy stuff

7. Wink Kangaroo Leather Backpack

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This backpack is described as a ladies travel bag and is specially built to stand up to the rigours of travelling. This backpack has a zippered key pocket with five interior pockets. Two of these are even zippered. Furthermore, you will find the primary storage section and the other two are slip pockets; these can be left unfilled to increase the available space in your backpack. 

The metalwork is all gold-coloured, adding to the chicness of the bag. The inner lining is made from durable polyester, which looks really good while providing a high-quality and durable finish.


  • Durable
  • Real stylish steel


  • Can be scratched easily

8. Coofit Black Leather Backpack

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You would not stop yourself from admiring the beauty of this backpack. Thru from PU synthetic leather and also durable polyester interior guarantees it will last for a long time; even with regular daily use. It is designed as a drawstring bag, contain a zipper compartment at the front. You will also see a second zipped pocket on the rear of the backpack and side pockets which are intended to hold water bottles or similar items.

The straps are designed to be long enough to ensure the backpack can be comfortably carried by an adult, and can also be adjusted to provide a contented fit for students, regardless of what size you are or what weight you are having.


  • ideal backpack for travelling
  • versatile
  • durable


  • might collapse when left empty on the floor


What do you need to look for in these leather bags?

Many of you might think that appealing designs, clean lines, and luxurious materials are the only things that should matter for women’s leather backpack. While apart from these, there are many other factors that you should give weightage to have a memorable experience with your bag.

Have a look and select the best leather bag that suits you and your pocket. 

  • Durability: The leather is the only material that has become finer and gains a reputation over time. It can hold natural wear and tear and does not let lose the glamour and charm even after long-time use. Leather is that fantastic material, which is so durable and can even last for the rest of your life. You have to make sure that your preferred bag should be of pure leather as fake, and PU leather will not give you the same quality, and soon you will be searching for a new bag.
  • Functionality: Most of the leather bags in the market have been designed practically. Now brands know very well about the advanced technology that women are using nowadays, their sportswear or their gym stuff, and if the bag you are buying does not have a space for all these, then it is nothing but a laptop or a gym bag. Ensure that you invest in a bag you can use in travelling and can also be carried to your office without raising eyebrows. They have to be so versatile that you will see their seamless transition between any occasion and activity.
  • Carry on size: This aspect refers to the weight of the handbag. You would not want a leather bag that is too big for carry-on luggage or too heavy that it is not easy to carry. You should select a super comfortable handbag as you need to drag on your shoulders for a longer time.  We would suggest that your leather bag should be under 20 inches in height and should have an appropriate weight that you can handle. This should set up to carry your handbag onto any flight in the entire world.

Final Thoughts

A leather backpack is a superb way to enhance up your appearance if you are tired of feeling dishevelled on your travels. However, you may have to pay some price for durability and quality.  

Hopefully, this is all the stuff that you were looking for. Going through this guide will let you find your style icon. The best thing is that if you succeed in finding the right leather backpack, then you can even pass it to your grandkids one day, which we think is pretty awesome.

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