FIVE BEST LAPTOP CARRY BAGS: (Top Picks & Reviews 2021)

With advancements in technology, particular gadgets like laptops have gained access as an essential requirement in our daily lives. Initially just used by the wealthy executives, primarily for work purposes, but today everyone from students to kids has their laptops as a source of knowledge and for entertainment at the same time. 

With the global laptop market still forecasted to continue its historical exponential growth, it is evident that the demand for new, more innovative, and safer laptop bags will also continue its growth curve. Now, as the laptop is a product designed to be used anywhere, it is essential that your laptop also includes a quality laptop bag. And with the latest laptop models getting more and more expensive, it is becoming all more critical to ensure that they are stored in safe carry bags as well—a carry bag should have adequate space to store the laptop with other required accessories.

Types of Laptop Cary Bags:

The best laptop bag is no longer only a fashion statement but one of the best ways to ensure that the laptop is stored safely, even while traveling. There are a few things to consider when picking a laptop bag. The design comes to mind – a smart and elegant design that could fit as well in an important business meeting as it would at any cafe is preferable. The type of bag matters a lot as well. For easy and convenient access, crossbody or shoulder bags are the tickets. However, if you want your stuff out of their way, either traveling or commuting, a backpack might be much better. Of course, a few extra nifty superb features like anti-theft technology and a USB charging port wouldn’t hurt.

Although there are all types and ranges of laptop bags available in the market today, we have categorized these based on utility and quality:

  1. Laptop Backpacks;
  2. Laptop Sling Bags;
  3. Laptop Tote Bags;
  4. Laptop Messenger & Sleeve Bags;

Laptop Backpacks:

These are the type of laptop bags, which are beginning to acquire market share due to multiple advantages aggressively. They provide protection to your laptop and make it easy for you to carry it around, and divides your computer’s weight on both your shoulders equally, which prevents your shoulder from straining.  (v) Usually, these bags have several other compartments and slots, where you can fit your laptop accessories and other items easily. Laptop backpacks differ from the classic briefcases in comfort and allow the user to store other things such as books, documents, lunch, the rest of your electronic devices, among others. 


Laptop Sling bags:

These types of laptop carry bags are generally padded and offer a fair amount of laptop protection. However, if you regularly commute in any form of public transport, then it would not be the ideal option for your needs. The risk and chances of someone or something bumping against your laptop bag are reasonably higher. However, just like then, backpack carry bags Allows you to be hands-free while also letting you keep a direct eye on your laptop at all times.

Laptop Tote Bags:

Women mostly prefer these bags as they resemble a ladies tote bag. The disadvantage with these laptop bags is that they usually have a single compartment where you must fit your laptop and all the other accessories. Moreover, these bags put too much strain on your shoulders, so you must keep alternating them between your left and right sides to avoid putting all the stress on one shoulder. These bags are ideal for women who own a small-sized laptop.

Laptop Messenger & Sleeve Bags:

These bags have a more stylish and professional appearance and are frequently used by officials for this reason as well. Structurally these bags have two handlebars and are shaped like a traditional rectangular briefcase with a zipped compartment to keep your laptop. These bags offer the right amount of protection to your laptop.

Also known as a portfolio bag, the laptop sleeves are good enough for keeping your laptop stowed away in your house when not in use. Unlike the other laptop bags, your laptop needs not to be held in an upright position in this bag and kept in its usual horizontal manner. However, the laptop sleeve’s biggest downside is that it does not offer as much protection to your laptop as other types of bags.

A laptop sleeve bag is more like an additional protection carrier for your laptop before putting it in a more oversized, sturdier bag. Since it is a form-fitting laptop cover, it does not provide much protection to your laptop, due to which your laptop can quickly develop scratches. 

Our Picks for 5 Best Laptop Carry Bags:

The following products have been selected on the basis of usability, quality of the material used, and the customer reviews by existing users: 

Taygeer Slim Laptop Bag –

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Made from High-Quality WATER RESISTANT Durable Nylon Polyester Material with separate compartments for your laptop and other accessories. This bag comes with an added shockproof bubble padded layer to provide additional safety to your computer. In addition to the shoulder strap for using it as a Sling Carrier, the bag also has sturdy leather handles so that it can also be carried like a briefcase. Another additional advantage with this product is that it also has a pass-through strap to fix the bag on the handles of a trolley/luggage bag as well.

Although the product is specifically designed for travelers, the quality of the material combined with the conveniences offered makes it an excellent product for daily routine use. Based on the extremely positive customer reviews for the product for durability and value for money, it can be deduced that the product has been able to satisfy the expectations from its users.


  • High quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable


  • Specifically designed for travelers

KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack –

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This stylish laptop backpack is made of a high-quality water-repellent ballistic fabric. It is a large travel backpack with separated pockets and compartments that can provide enough roomy space for your computer, iPad, power bank, A4 files, wallet, pens, cards, clothes, and more valuable items.

In short, this unique laptop backpack is durable and large, which is just perfect for College, travelers, hiking, camping, business, and outdoor activities.


  • Made from water-repellent fabric
  • Satisfiable size
  • Multi-purpose


  • Zipper are of not good quality

Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart laptop bag – 

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The Swissgear 1900 is indeed one of our best laptop bags because of its high quality, rugged polyester design. This best and unique laptop bag is also excellent for organizing your valuable personal items, whether it is a pen, folders, books, and more. You would be quite glad to know that it is also quite contented with ergonomic, padded shoulder straps equipped with a fantastic airflow back panel to provide all-day breathability.


  • Have rugged polyster design
  • Ergonomic padded shoulder straps


  • Fragile zippers

Vintage Couture Leather Messenger Bag –  

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If you love that specific product that leaves minimal impact on your environment, the range of leather goods from Vintage Couture will surely leave you impressed. These leather goods are manufactured from buffalo and goat leather using 100% environment-friendly methods, making them totally recyclable. Each of these vintage leather bag pieces boasts rich artistry and craftsmanship. Although those goods are handcrafted, they don’t compromise on your style. 


  • Manufactured from buffalo and goat leather
  • boasts rich artistry and craftsmanship


  • colour might be different from the picture


MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag –

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This laptop bag organizer comprises some extra high-quality oxford cloth and has wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle sort of unique features. All parts are quite well stitched together, and there is no worry about crack. Equipped with a heavy-duty zipper system, the tote bag can be easily opened and closed smoothly. It is indeed a rugged, functional laptop tote bag with numerous pockets to organize your stuff. There are two zipper pockets and three holders. Besides, the string holding keys is attached to ensure keys are always easy and comfortable to reach. In short, everything is well organized with one sleek laptop purse.


  • include heavy-duty zippers
  • have numerous pockets
  • sleek design


  • padding might be not durable


A laptop bag can dissuade theft, and it is also an excellent way to keep your belongings organized. Besides, laptop bags are convenient to carry along a few textbooks, workout gear, and other everyday essentials. 

We hope you are fully equipped with the complete info about purchasing a laptop bag, and if not, you must have found this article interesting enough to give it a detailed look.

Happy Shopping 

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