This is How to Conceal a Carry Knife? (Explained For Beginners)

Essentially, you conceal a knife to ensure that it is invisible to others, and only you can tell that you have a knife. Usually, we conceal knives to prevent public attention, other times because the state laws prohibit it.

Anyway, let’s get on to the different parts you can conceal a knife and much more surrounding the topic;

Here’s How to Conceal a Knife:

Your knife comes in handy when your attacker barely expected you to have any defense. They are prepared to attack you, and you attacking them back comes as a surprise. But then, you realize that concealing the knife was really defense in itself.

how to conceal a carry knife

What Are the Different Places to Keep a Conceal Knife?

Come to think of it, it is quite a challenge to conceal a knife completely. This is more so for women (due to their dressing, skirts, and tight clothing), students (who will not have the school rules on their side if found out), and everyone else who has never done this before.

The good news is that we will address all these to give you tips you probably never had in mind;

1. Waistband (great option for women)

If you wear a skirt or tight pants, the waistband is an excellent option for hiding your knife. However, remember that even though your knife should be concealed, it should be easily accessible.

However, the knife should be small enough and in a sleek sheath, which doesn’t make you uncomfortable during walking. Then, put it facing downwards to be easy to retrieve and attack in times of need.

2. Up the sleeve ( best option for students)

Most students will have long-sleeve sweaters or shirts during the warmer seasons. In this case, you can get a knife sheath that has a wristband. Therefore, it stays secure on your arm with the enhancement of the wristband.

The best part about this kind of knife is that you can have a longer option. Longer knives are necessary if you live in tricky suburbs where you are almost sure of meeting with bullies and gangs.

The blade should face upwards so that you can easily retrieve the handle and make an attack when necessary.

3. Let your knife be part of the shoe laces (best for boots)

You must have noticed that boots are quite bulky, and difficult to make out the lace and shoe tongue design. How about using this complication to your advantage? You can get a knife whose size and color are easily swallowed up by the boot design.

Nevertheless, the handle should be within your reach. And, as we have seen, you conceal the knife to confuse your attacker.

As you swiftly lift your foot to draw the knife, they will rarely realize what you are about to do. And by the time they are closest to you, you will already have made your skin slice and managed an escape. Better still, you will frighten possible accomplices for the time being.

4. Scout Design (Best Overall)

The scout knife design refers to the position where you conceal your knife sheath at the back of your waistband but closer to your right-hand side. Of course, your top will cover it, but retrieving it when necessity creeps in is in no doubt.

Here’s How to Conceal a Knife at School:

Knives are definitely a no-go-zone for school-going students. However, you may probably need it for protection when going home from school. Other times, the knife is necessary to cut out barriers that only you can understand. Then there is the regretable day when you unintentionally bring a knife to class.

Regardless of your reasons for having the knife, concealing it to prevent exposure is your only way out. So, let’s get about concealing a knife at school;

1. Conceal it in your kneckpiece

If your school has no problem with necklaces and chains, you can use one to conceal the knife. However, it will be better concealed if you also hide the neckpiece under your jumper or sweater so that the hanging piece is not visible.

2. Leave the knife in your car or school bag

It’s not like anyone will go searching your car or bag in school unless you raise the suspicions. After all, you will leave the knife in the inner pockets of your bag where no one will think about it. The car is large enough to get a proper hiding position.

If your knife is necessary, immediately after leaving the school premises, you can retrieve the knife and conceal it where you can access it easily. Any of the above body concealing places will work for you.

Is it illegal to carry a knife under 18?

Usually, it depends on the state or country where you reside. While it is illegal to carry knives openly or concealed in some states, there is no problem in others. There are also countries where carrying a knife is not illegal as long as it is in the open where everyone can see.

In other states, possessing and carrying knives is okay for adults but not for those under 18’s. In the US, kids under 18 can buy and carry small pocket knives under 2.5 inches. However, any knife above this size is illegal for juveniles and considered weapon handling.

What size knife is legal to carry in california?

In California, you can carry any kind of knife that is 2 inches without commiting an offense. However, when a knife is 2 inches or longer, carrying it around the state is an offense. It is even a greater offense to conceal a knife or carry any knife you can easily release to cause harm.

Final Thoughts

How to conceal a knife is a matter of identifying a position on your body where no one else can see but where the knife is easy to access. In most cases, you will need the knife for self-defense.

However, since it may be illegal to carry the knife in the open, concealing it is necessary.  More relaxing news? You now have the know-how!