7 Best Concealed Carry Jackets

Concealed Carry Jackets

If you are in a career that prompts you to carry a handgun for security reasons; then concealed carry jacket is a must item in terms of secretly carrying your gun. That means you got to need an article of tailor-made clothing with some pockets as well for concealment.

The concealed carry of some sidearms and long-barreled revolvers is only imaginable with winter clothes or loose summer garb. Mid-size handguns are relatively easier to cover under classic-style clothing and don’t reveal that you are carrying.

Although the industry gives a broader range of concealed clothing choices, many gun fans use an ordinary jacket that is long enough to skin a holster. But in this review, we will take a quick look at some of our best picks to the best-concealed carry jackets.

Moreover, we have some great options for you on the agenda – so you better stay tuned and read this guide from head to toe.

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Seven Best Concealed Carry Jackets

1. Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

First on our list is the jacket from Rothco, which has manufactured some of the unique features, and all of these features have been loved by its users. The exclusively formed three-layer creations deflect even strong winds and eliminate moisture to keep constant your body temperature.

The waterproof polyester shells have made this superb jacket useful for any sort of weather conditions.

Also, the jacket comes with a removable hood, which is impeccably blended with a zippered system so that you can easily conceal your gun within this system.

Similarly, on the other hand, it also features a fleece-lined stand-up collar, underarm airing system, and even two reinforced forearms with great elastic hook and loop wrist cuffs so that it perfectly fits with your hand nicely.

  • Three versatile layered jacket
  • Detachable zippered hood
  • Incorporated with a waterproof polyester shell
  • Elastic hook and cuffs
  • Quite pricey
  • Should be kept away from fire

2. Condor Men’s Summit Zero Soft Shell Jacket

The Condor Summit Zero lightweight+ Softshell Jacket is indeed a versatile jacket and suitable for all-season use. It will keep you warm and also confident but weighing you down. This softshell jacket is constructed with triple-layered compact shell material processing with high developments on the forearms.

You would be quite glad to know that it is made of breathable shells and removes moisture from your body. Otherwise, this exclusively formed fabric also obstructs water infiltration, and at the same time, it helps to hold your body heat at a constant label.

This super functioned jacket is patented with a unique underarm zippered ventilation system to keep you cool and comfortable by monitoring your body temperature.

  • High-density fabric with four elastic
  • 100% polyester, breathable film membrane
  • Two zippered front pockets
  • No hood
  • Expensive

3. Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

If you search for a perfect concealed carry softshell jacket, you must jump to this Rothco Concealed carry softshell jacket. This jacket in our list comprises three-layer high-density fabric, which made this suitable and versatile to wear in any weather condition.

On every side of this jacket, it purposely features a holster and magazine holders with Velcro closures. Accordingly, it will help you access both sides to use your right or left hand instantly.

Besides, this concealed carry jacket also features double rear slash pockets and even two back pockets. It also includes a detachable hood that has a zippered collar, which keeps the hood invisible.

A useful zippered pocket on the upper arm and another real zippered pocket on the left sleeve is incredibly feasible for carrying your small gears.

  • High-quality material
  • Hook and loop closure concealed carry pocket
  • The waterproof polyester exterior shell
  • Very pricey

4. Phantom Soft-Shell Jacket Color

This is another versatile softshell jacket option that comes to make you contented, dry, and even confident in any type of setting. It is made with highly engineered expertise with top quality fabric. This outstanding quality softshell jacket is made with three-layer nylon integrated with a good fleece lining.

The user-friendly design of this jacket will allow you to stay pretty warm in a low-temperature situation due to its heat-retaining capacity. It is also fabricated with 100% polyester outer softshell, which stops water infiltration and wicks away moisture.

This waterproof and durable jacket is designed with numerous zippered pockets together with external and two internal pockets. There are also two vertical chests zippered pocket which is quite useful for carrying your small gears like phones, keys, etc.

  • Durable, waterproof
  • Underarm zippered system
  • Two internal pockets
  • Full front zippered system
  • Wash inside out in low heat

5. Condor Men’s Alpha Tactical Jacket

Next on our list is the military-grade tactical jacket from condor specially designed for your comfort and security. This jacket is fabricated from 100% pure polyester. Furthermore, this jacket’s outer part is made from oxford reinforced and high-grade fine fleece, while the shoulders, collar, and forearm have strengthened with friction preventive nylon.

Made of windproof fabric and even crafted with an adjustable drawstring for the waist. This jacket is easily reachable because of its full front zipper from collar to bottommost. You can also enjoy a secure and comfortable ride with this great and versatile jacket along with your small gears.

  • Made from pure polyester
  • Extendable sleeve to 2 inches with thumb-hole
  • Patented with drawstring waistband
  • No internal pocket
  • No Hoody

6. Legendary Whitetails Rugged Dakota Jacket

Want a jacket that doesn’t only have full zips but is also the trendiest piece of clothing you buy this season? Well, look no further, for we shall bring you the best option: Legendary Whitetails Men’s Rugged Full Zip Dakota Jacket. This is indeed a very multifunctional Jacket that has been built with durability and comfort in mind.

Its casual look will allow you to wear it in any situation. This concealed carry jacket also features a detachable hood so that you can remove or add the hood as your preference.  Its body is made up of 63% cotton and 37% polyester.

  • Full front zip
  • Detachable zippered hood
  • Looks casual and rugged
  • Wash with no chlorine bleach only
  • Not very affordable

7. Cinch Men’s Bonded Softshell Jacket

Lastly, we have this, a merely stylized and comfortable jacket for the users who love to cover carry for their security or other vital purposes. The design of this jacket is imposing and exclusive. This Cinch Men’s Bonded Softshell Jacket has been built to last, and it is just perfect and ideal for the concealed carry.

This superb constructed jacket was fictitious with 93% polyester and 7% spandex, making this piece of clothing rugged and comfortable. The full front zippered system will enable you to access quickly.

This superb jacket comes with adjustable cuffs so that it will fit perfectly. This jacket is used world’s best YKK zipper for a smooth and flat draw. This Cinch classic outwears striking with the embroidered logos on the visible chest and left arm.

  • Built with 93% polyester and 7% spandex
  • Adjustable cuffs for an outstanding fit
  • One vertical and two hands zippered pocket
  • Not waterproof
  • Little pricey

Buying Guide

Several companies trade and distribute lower-end products under the guise of being “tactical.” Hence, it is brilliant to do proper and detailed research and understand what you are actually purchasing before you pull the trigger.

This section of your guide focuses on some essential factors you should take into account to avoid any mishap and have a memorable experience.

  • Jacket Storage

 This is a crucial aspect of any concealed jacket. You must have various ambiguities in your mind while buying, including

(1) How many compartments or pockets for storage does the jacket have?

(2) Does it really seem like a weapon would be secure in the jacket?

These small questions must bother you while buying, and then only you would be able to look seriously at this factor. The jacket’s capacity should be according to your need and requirement, so you have to choose wisely.

  • Weapon Concealment

 You also have to see how efficient is your jacket in concealing your weapon. Then again, you should wear your jacket zipped up and open without revealing the fact that you are carrying a gun. If you overlook this factor, the whole point of buying a coat would be completely nullified. So again, make your choice wisely.

  • Resistance to Elements

 Your jacket should also withstand the water and other elements that can destroy it. The pockets of that jacket should have been designed in such a way to correctly shut the water to guarantee that your weapon is not at all compromised.

We know that you don’t have to invest again and again on the same thing, and once you have invested, you want that to be your partner for a longer time, and this factor will serve both of your purposes.

Wrap Up

In my personal experience, it comes down to better understanding your specific and particular needs, your local weather and terrain, and the pros and cons of these various products to completely understand which is best suited to add to your survival preparation gear.

We really hope and wish that this article provided you with all the essential information about the best-concealed carry jackets in several classes.

Happy Shopping

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