Concealed Carry Clothing for Summer

Concealed Carry Clothing

Concealed Carry Clothing for Summer

When you are wearing long pants and a heavy winter coat, concealing a handgun is not all that problematic. However, when the climate starts warming up and the appropriate apparel becomes less and less bulky, handling to carry your firearm in a relaxed and fully concealed way can become much more of a disturbance.

The superb exciting news is that there are some comprehensive strategies that you can make use of to make hiding a firearm during the summertime a more easily accomplished job. Outlined below are numerous great tips for concealed carry in the summer. Regardless of which of the four seasons you are carrying in, you should undoubtedly have peace of mind realizing that you are completely safe and protected from the legal aftermath if you do require protecting yourself.

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Therefore, when it comes to concealing a weapon in the summer months, not all holsters are created equal. To start, you will probably want to dodge outside the waistband holsters since your upper attire isn’t likely to be bulky and long enough to cover up the weapon.

Inside the waistband, holsters are even better, providing, of course, that you are wearing shorts or pants that are loose-fitting enough to keep the weapon from printing while at the same time snug sufficient around the waistline to keep the heaviness of the firearm and holster from pulling them down.


ConcealmentClothes Men's Crew Neck Undercover- Concealed Carry Holster Shirt- White- Large

For summertime-concealed carry, our number one recommended holster is the Urban Carry G2; having this Urban Carry G2, the only part of the weapon that is noticeable above the waistband is a small strap of leather that, even if left visible, is not easily distinguishable as a handgun holster.

You will also have to ensure that concealed carry clothing is well suited to carry during the hot weather. There are certainly other dress strategies, specific materials, and so on those well suited to the warm weather. Unbelievably, you can still dress quite stylishly and desired if so desired.

As to shirts, make sure that you change to a lighter, more relaxed fabric and especially if wearing an undershirt. The best part is many short-sleeved button-ups are made with this in awareness, but you should still have seldom good CCW shirts in your wardrobe.

For example, linen, seersucker, and other certain synthetics (such as some cotton/polyester blends) are perfect picks indeed. Materials such as wool, fleece, and so on are not. Nevertheless, make sure to opt for darker colors as opposed to light.

You might be tempted to wear your white linen shirt, but you can end up paying for it in printing. Choose a not too bright tone but isn’t unavoidably too dark if you like the shade. Then again, black goes and almost matches with everything. You also have to ensure that you should have to opt for loose rather than slim fits.

Granted, that is a given when it comes to concealed carry, but particularly during hot and dry weather, the extra air circulates and gives you a bit of air circulation. Neglect tucking your shirt in if possible; a nice, clean polo or flat-hemmed button-up look excellent and intelligent than fine tucked and can hide your weapon quite well.

If you can wear shorts, cargo shorts are where it’s at for summertime-concealed carry. Yes, it’s another kind of clothing tip, but this garment class has numerous distinct advantages that bear mentioning them explicitly.

First are the cargo pockets. If you are going to carry spare ammunition or any other EDC gear such as a tourniquet, a flashlight, a pocketknife, etc., there are a couple of handy compartments with which to do it. They free up some extra space on the belt, which is very lovely. Not that a mag carrier is unavoidably the enormous imposition. Secondly, is that slim-fit cargo shorts are not really a thing.

Cargo shorts are usually loose fit, so you get the advantage of that during the scorching weather and a bit of wiggle room when it comes to inserting in that IWB holster. Just make sure to make a suitable selection for you and your way of life. There are adequately out there that are dressy enough for the office.

Want another fantastic tip for how to hide your weapon in summer.

Have safe and secure storage available if needed. You never knew when it would be time to head towards the lake or somewhere out with friends or even your loved ones. There are gun safes for your vehicle that can be acquired; look for the ones with some kind of rope or anchor as these are even more theft-proof than others. A holster dock in an understated location is also a perfect idea.

Again, you may find yourself in circumstances where disarming is called for. It is totally up to you; some people want to be armed at all times or stay at their home, while others are willing to take off their piece every now and again for the sake of relishing life. It’s all up to you.

For concealed carry in the midsummer, the holster’s right and perfect choice makes a world of difference in terms of relief and comfortability. Hard Kydex and leather or another kind of polymers that won’t feel good against your skin, as they get warm or can be slicked with moisture and sweat.

Other holster designs can require some extra layers to hide efficiently, and you may not be willing to do that. Consequently, you go to need a holster made out of fabrics that work well in these conditions.

Wrap Up

Keeping a firearm completely concealed when you are not wearing thick or heavy clothing requires a little additional thought and planning. However, with the right kind of approach in regards to the clothing you wear, the firearm you carry, and the holster that you select, you will be able to keep your weapon concealed and all ready to go in an emergency all year round.

Keep all these factors in mind and then select the correct type of clothing.

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