Can you conceal carry in a backpack?

Can you conceal carry in a backpack

Can you conceal carry in a backpack?

There has been a blast of issued concealed carry permits within the past decade. There are now millions of Americans carrying handguns. While relatively few carry regularly, many carry at least infrequently.

The various modes in which we can have a firearm are operated to a greater or lesser extent among many. And one of the most controversial options is off-body carry. This refers to keeping a gun with you, but in a manner not affixed to your person.

There are numerous holders available in the market that are purposely-designed to facilitate off-body carry. These usually come in a bag, backpack, or purse of some type. These items classically look no different than other such products.

They typically have a dedicated pouch, pockets, or holster built into the interior to hold your firearm. Such products quite work well for this motive, though you can indeed off-body carry with regular bags of any kind.

However, if you utilize a purse or backpack that does not have a dedicated handgun mechanism, you should carry the weapon carefully. The gun must be housed in a protected holster so that it cannot be inadvertently fired. Or the gun needs to be kept unhampered. Carrying the weapon with an unfilled chamber makes it less ready for action.

There are some occasions where off-body carry may serve a legitimate purpose. The first circumstance would be to adjust attire that simply cannot conceal a handgun. This is quite common for females when they need to dress formally.

It is also communal for runners or other athletes who find it stimulating to wear a weapon on their person while doing these types of training.

The most understandable problem with off-body carry is the safety worries of having a handgun in a pack that may be out of your direct control. This is why I discover off-body carry solutions for the office less convincing.

A briefcase or work bag is not really going to be under your control at all times. Likewise, purse carry poses the same problem: women usually do not hold onto their all the time.

There is the disagreement that having the gun with you, even if it is off-body, is healthier than having no weapon at all. There is surely merit to this, but you must do it correctly.

The pack that holds the gun requires you to stay attached to you to ensure security. In such conditions, the package will most often remain attached to the person, even if the gun is not.


I admit that off-body carry may serve a purpose. For example, it is facilitating or helping in carrying for an athlete while training in the field. As an accountable armed citizen, it is your job to keep control of the handgun at all times. Unless the bag that contains the gun is affixed to you, the weapon is not under your control. Proceed with caution and care.

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