10 Best Toddler Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks are not just for necessity; they are also fun or entertainment, and several reasons for getting a bag for your toddler is a great idea. During the toddler stage, children want independence, freedom, and love to do things on their own, making them carry their belongings in a bag in a perfect way, allowing them to exercise their independence. These bags can be used during shopping, travel or even going to preschool and most importantly, as your little one gets elder, it can also be used to transition into kindergarten.

It’s understandable to admit that you are totally over the character backpacks that your kid is already to dump three months into the school year. We have rounded up the cutest and significant loads that your toddler will love even after they are out of their Frozen phase.  

1. Animal Toy Toddler Backpack- Bag & Carry

This is a fantastic backpack form Bag & Carry, which is two in one. It can be used as a typical backpack and can also help your child play with the stuffed-toy animal attached to its backside. Your child can easily remove it for playing and can even take it to daycare for comfort. These animal backpacks for kids are very light in weight and featured by adorable plush toys so they can take and play them everywhere: for walking, to kindergarten or even on vacation.

Bag & Carry kid’s backpacks not only feature a tremendous adorable animal on the back but also, they are made extra soft and comfortable so your kid can enjoy using them as pillows, cuddle buddies and alike naptime friends.  Although it is not the largest, there’s plenty of room for snacks and extra clothes. The backpack measures around 10 inches in height and is made from extra-soft plush material.


  • Adorable look
  • Ample space for your stuff
  • Variety of designs


  • Size might be minimal for someone.


2. Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack

Either you are taking your toddler to a walk or running errands, this backpack is the fantastic way of keeping your toddler close. This superb backpack from Skip Hop comes with a detachable tether and also adjustable front strap. This backpack is intended for light travellers — it measures 7.5 inches in height and 9 inches in length. It has sufficient room for delicate clothes, wipes, and even for some diapers.

Zoo Harness is a small-sized backpack with a detachable tether for the smallest travellers. It comes with friendly Zoo faces, accommodating pack straps, and a top grab handle. The safe easy-to-attach tether keep walks in too crowded spaces very relaxed.


  • Detachable leash
  • Small and lightweight
  • Adjustable front strap for extra safety.


  • The front clip on the strap is tight to use 


3. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

You should not be surprised by seeing another backpack from Skip Hop as it knows what they are serving. This backpack is an excellent option for those kids who are somehow inspired by colourful bees. The pack is quite roomy, perfect for daycare, or travelling to their grandparents—it is 12 inches in height and 11 inches in length. One side of the bag has even a compartment for a water bottle or anything your toddler wants handy.

The most impressive feature is the insulated pouch, which is perfect for keeping your little ones’ snack fresh.  Keep in mind that It’s not machine washable, but it’s very safe for your child, and sturdy. The padded shoulder and breathable material straps will keep your toddler comfortable on any trips out.


  • Insulated pouch
  • Several designs available
  • Roomy interior with side pocket.


  • Can not be washed in a machine


4. KK Crafts Toddler Backpack

If you are freaky about unicorns, then this backpack should get the place on your list.  It is brightly coloured as pink and white, with 3D unicorn ears and horns, suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years. It has many features to get excited for like firstly it is made from environmentally-friendly constituents free from BPA, phthalate, and PVC, which is entirely safe for small children.

Another impressive feature of this backpack is that it consists of soft, neoprene material, which made this backpack water-resistant, elastic, and light in weight. It will protect your kid’s stuff from spills and dust and guard your valuable things of school.


  • They are made from eco-friendly materials.
  • Great size
  • Water-resistant exterior


  • The side pockets are not elastic, so fitting cups in is challenging.


5. Alphabet Butterfly Toddler Backpack

This backpack is purposely designed for baby girls as a cute little butterfly at the back would attract them most. Don’t just scroll down reading this because this backpack is also available with a muffin or unicorn motif with many options to choose from. 

It is very colourful and also bright, thus fantastic for little girls going to their daycare. Secure your toddler in public with the most comfortable design and fun to use Alphabets Kids Backpack and Safety Harness, which is fully functional and practical in use. It is relatively safe to use, it keeps your little child close and secure, while also giving them the freedom to explore and move around with you. Your kids will love to wear this bag harness around their back, and this backpack is idyllic for walking, travelling, shopping etc.


  • Cute theme
  • Plenty of pockets for stuff
  • Included safety leash


  • The included leash is relatively short.


6. Yisibo Rocket Toddler Backpack

This backpack would inspire those who are already inspired by space. It is decked out in an adorable space shuttle theme with a clear front pocket for toys. The safety harness leash of the toddler backpack is removable. The detachable tether for your smallest travellers makes it easy to attached tether and enables them to walk in tight spaces freely. It also comes with a roomy main compartment that is sufficient enough to store the kids’ toys, diaper and other pieces of stuff. 

You would be glad to know the zipper of this toddler backpack pulls are pure rubber coated so little and fragile hands can get a good grip. The padded straps can easily be adjusted to accommodate the height/girth of your little one. The padded straps are also shock-absorbing to prevent any mishap.


  • Great space theme
  • Water-resistant
  • Ample space


  • No side pockets for water bottle


7. Stephen Joseph Sidekick Backpack

Next is another best backpack for your toddler, who is a lion fan. This loveable 3D lion backpack is ready to put up your little one on all their adventures. Measuring only 10.5″x 14″x 3.5″, still this pack has plenty of room, making it prepared for any life’s experiences. An excellent front pocket and additional drink pouch on the side offer plenty of room for all the necessities for your kid.

With a sturdy structure and durable polyester exterior, you can be guaranteed this bag is made to last through plenty of wear and tear and try to cope with your kid’s behaviour. Lastly, you would be relaxed to know that this bag is completely machine washable as the manufacturers realize that kids can be super messy.


  • Fun lion theme
  • Contains side pockets
  • Machine washable


  • Mesh pockets are on the small side.


8. J World Kids Rolling Backpack

Next in our list is another excellent backpack for your little one which can work as two in one. Your toddler can use it as a regular backpack or at the same time as a rolling luggage bag as well. When you see this bag, you will observe the measuring 16 inches by 12 inches and soon realize that this size is perfect for daycare. You would be relaxed to see the lunch bag included in the deal, for kids keeps food at the accurate temperature to hold a sandwich, drink, snack, and even ice pack.

It has spacious pockets with an inner zip pocket. The most impressive feature is its Motion-activated LED setup which light-up this backpack wheels, and they blink as they turn, with no battery required. 


  • Multi-functional
  • Great size for supplies
  • Motion LED setup


  • Size may not be suitable for everyone.


9. Mountaintop Toddler Backpack

This Mountaintop backpack is an excellent option to take your toddler to the trail. It’s an extremely lightweight bag, that is best suited for toddlers between up to 3 years. This backpack includes a YKK buckle, which is graceful to clip and undo. Around this great backpack is padding for cosiness and mesh to provide excellent air circulation. It can comfortably fit your essentials like a water bottle, snacks, and even a change of clothing. The backpack also comes in a great variety of colours and designs to you have great options.


  • Easy-to-use buckle
  • Comfortable material


  • Not appropriate for carrying folders


10. Toddler Dinosaur Backpack

This Dinosaur backpack is purely intended for boys. It’s thru from oxford cloth and polyester and sports and gives a fun 3D design. It has a breathable material that makes this excellent backpack light and quite comfortable to carry and prevents overheating. There is sufficient room for small books and even diapers, so you don’t have to sort your things out. This bag also takes care of safety, as you’ll receive a leash to keep your little one close and in front of your eyes. 


  • Ample room
  • Leash included


  • strap for the leash sits at the bottom as contrasting to the top.


Buying Guide

As with selecting toddler gear, some vital guidelines will follow; these guidelines will help make sure your cutie carries her little load safely.

Of course, you will probably want to buy a small toddler backpack with your child’s preferred cartoon character laughing on the front. But beyond this basic, the best bags for toddlers must have the following features.

  • Ensure that the backpack you plan to buy must have two wide, padded shoulder straps. The bags with one strap would not distribute the weight evenly across your child’s back and also cushioned straps are less likely to dig into your child’s skin. To avoid this hassle and pain that your child might have to go through, you must look into this feature significantly. 
  • You would also have to take care of the fact that the bag should be small in size that your child can manage and have a lightweight design. Toddler means a small child, so a big bag won’t do justice from him as he cannot carry heavy weights stuff. To figure out what size is most appropriate, you only have to see that the pack’s top shouldn’t go above your tyke’s shoulders, and the bottommost shouldn’t fall below her waist. And there is no need for a frame at this point, as this will only add to her load.   
  • Before you purchase a backpack with wheels and a retractable handle for your big trip, check that your older toddler can walk while progressing the pack in the store — a trickier skill set. If he/she is not coordinated enough yet, it is wise to skip the wheeled backpack for now and leave yourself to lugging her luggage for just a bit longer time.

Wrap Up:

Whether it is your little’s first day of preschool or entering another grade in elementary school, it is always important to get them a backpack that they will love to carry and one that can haul all their supplies. From pack that will last for your kids for years to fun ones that let their behaviours shine through, we have rounded up some of the favourite backpacks that are certain to be theirs as well, and we are quite confident that you would be able to select your preferred one.

Happy Shopping

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