7 Best Sling Backpack In 2021

Sling backpack is a bag that is specifically designed to be worn comfortably across your chest or back and protected to the body with a cross-shoulder elegance strap. They are more significant than most messenger bags and quite more comfortable to handle than most backpacks. The best sling bags also have numerous pockets, belts, and hooks of a travel backpack without the bulk. Simultaneously, sling bags have a more efficient design, so you can still use them as a regular shoulder bag as you would a messenger bag.

Everyone needs a bag that can hold and efficiently accommodate all your things. You will probably pick a backpack to carry around as much stuff as it can. Or you already own a messenger bag that can stay by your side. You can simply pull out whatever you need and keep a vigilant eye on your valuable belongings. You do know that you can surely get the best of both worlds, right? That is the reason for the existence of these sling bags.

If you are yet not convinced, then we have select seven best sling bags so that you can simplify your buying process as possible. Have a look and get you suitable bag that fulfils your needs and requirements.


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1. Under Armour Compel Sling Bag

Large Sling Backpack, Sling Chest Bag Shoulder Crossbody Daypacks Fits 14Inch Laptop Bookbag for Travel Outdoor Men Women

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This sling bag is a popular choice for many backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts due to its impeccable quality, especially for its water-resistant nature, which is purposely designed to last you a lifetime. 

It has storm technology integrated into it, which speaks about its incredible ability to protect valuable stuff from getting wet without getting less breathable. It is also prevalent in students and entrepreneur as it also contains soft-lined laptop sleeve, which can adjust any laptop up to 15-inches in diameter.

Having this sling will not let you think twice for carrying all you need for an entire day because its multiple compartments will let you store anything you want and need. Finally, this sling becomes a complete package with the HeatGearc crossbody strap that is both padded and adjustable.


  • Side pockets for carrying a water bottle
  • Quite capacious


  • Buckle might tend to come often.


2. TOPNICE Anti-Theft Sling Bag

TOPNICE Sling Chest Bag Crossbody Shoulder Backpack Anti Theft Travel Bags Daypack for Men Women Water Resistance (Gray)

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This is the most affordable backpack that does not at all compromise on the quality. This TOPNICE anti-theft sling is the top choice product and is the optimum pack for regular use. It contains adjustable straps that make it a very comfortable carrier and allow you to wear in a dozen different ways.

It also comes with strap feature to keep your cell phone secured and also you won’t have to search for it among all your stuff in your main compartment when you need it in the middle of something. Furthermore, this sling is very durable due to its polyester construction, which makes your bag scratch-proof and splash-proof – the exact perfect qualities that allow you to bring it anywhere you go. 

It also contains a small RFID pocket for providing customers with the peace of mind when carrying small valuables like your ID and credit cards. 


  • Versatile enough to carry during cycling, hacking and even camping
  •  Quite affordable for everyone


  • Not suitable for heavy loads


3. Texbo Genuine Leather Sling Bag

Texbo Genuine Cowhide Leather Cross Body Sling Bag Backpack Bag with YKK Zippers


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If you are genuinely for something exquisite and stylish that will look decent in work settings, consider checking out Texbo’s pack made from genuine leather. This sling backpack is so versatile that it comes in both black and coffee colour, which can be easily matched with your regular outfits.

This bag comes in two sizes so you have to decide according to valuables you will stuff in it. The more electronics and fewer knick-knacks you have, the larger the size of your bag should be. Regardless of the sling size, it delivers a sturdy carrier with spacious compartments and pockets that range in capacity, making it relatively easy and convenient to allocate your belongings across your backpack evenly. 

The main downside that we have observed in our survey is that the leather tends to scuff over time, but with proper and extra care, you can make this bag last for quite a long time.


  • Can be your style icon
  • Allows you to organize your stuff in one place properly.


  • The shoulder strap is not reversible.
  • Leather might scuff over.


4. Leaper Messenger Sling Bag

Leaper Messenger Bag Outdoor Cross Body Bag Sling Bag Shoulder Bag Black

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This unique sling bag will surely steal your heart from its vintage look crafted from the washable canvas with PU leather inserts. It gives you ten different options to choose, which can easily accommodate everyone and end with several pockets that can store laptops and textbooks, and the pack is not less of anything. 

Apart from having the ample number of pockets with zippered and magnetic snap closure system, it also consists of adjustable shoulder straps through which you can customize your look for each day and that too according to your likes. 

In short, this sling bag is a great option when you need something for everyday use and are not at all willing to compromise on one style of wear.


  • Its large size can fit even 13-inches laptop.
  • Super affordable
  • Can be carried in various ways


  • Not the most capacious pack in the market.


5. TIMBUK2 Catapult Sling Bag

Timbuk2 Maze Catapult Sling, OS, Jet Black Woven Reflective

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TIMBUK2 Catapult sling bag can be right up to your alley if you are looking at something which is larger than fanny pack but at the same time smaller than a regular-sized backpack. This bag will undoubtedly become your go-to companion instantly because it is designed for running city errands and hopping from one place to another for some work.

 There is a roomy zippered front pocket compartment for quick and easy access to your essentials and an even roomier main compartment for keeping the rest of your stuff. The air mesh back panel allows for supreme breathability, while the ambidextrous shoulder strap makes your sling bag compatible with both lefties and righties alike.

This Catapult bag is not for keeping your laptop with a diameter bigger than 11-inches, but it is certainly a handy option for the busy cosmopolitan environment.    


  • An excellent option for office workers and as well as for students
  • The fabric is very durable.


  • Not suitable for keeping heavy stuff


6. Maxpedition Sitka Sling Bag

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger, Black

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Next in our list is the most capacious sling bag full of unique practical features needed for a successful thrilling hike or any other outdoor activity. The Sitka Gears linger a practically indestructible, sling-style bag that enables you to “swing” the pack to the front while it is still worn.

 This bag was initially designed for military and law enforcement professionals to with-stand against the extreme weather conditions that no other sling bag can do.

It is built from Source water- and abrasion-resistant 1000-Denier Nylon, the backpack has a Teflon coating that guards the dirt against being absorbed by the fabric which means that you can easily and quickly clean your pack without having to resort to throwing it in your washing machine after every use which can also destroy the look. 

In short, combine it all with a practical and durable design features, and your everyday carry bag becomes your daily tactical companion.


  • coated with three layers of Polyurethane for the finest water-resistance
  • comes with AS-100 closed-cell foam padding material that protects from shock


  • quite pricey


7. Pacsafe Anti-Theft Sling Bag

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Liter Anti Theft Sling Backpack - Fits 7 inch Tablet with RFID Blocking Pocket and Lockable Zippers for Women & Men (Black)

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Last but not least, the Pacsafe Anti-Theft Sling Bag can also be your bet, if you are planning to carry electronics with you. Though it is very light in weight still at the same time, provides you with enough room for storing all the essential stuff that you might need for an entire day.

This backpack offers high-level of protection because it is crafted from water-resistant Nylon added with lockable steel mesh zippers. Every individual compartment integrated into this sling is entirely securable, which gives you reassurance in your belongings’ soundness. The padded shoulder strap is indeed a bonus for all-day comfort.

The only missing feature is the separate pocket for your water bottle, but as given the large space in both central and front compartments, this is not that big of a deal.


  • Two padded sleeves to secure your electronic gadgets.
  • Its interior features five zippered pockets


  • Non-reversible shoulder strap

Buying Guide

If you think that every sling bag’s purpose is to conveniently carry your belongings, then there are no two packs that are the same. You should be very particular in your style, a specific material, or the number of compartments, and you will want to select the sling bag that will check all of the boxes of your requirements. The following are the features you should seriously look for while buying the sling backpack.

  • Water-Resistant: Your sling would usually carry your valuables that might not like water, for instance, your cell phone, money, and passport and if you don’t have special powers that enables you to avoid rain or snow indefinitely, a bit of weather resistance is a prominent plus feature as it will protect these essential items from getting damaged. Secondly, water-resistance bags will wipe down in no time, meaning you don’t have to wear a sopping wet sling against your body, which I am sure not a fun experience.
  • Design: You also need to consider for what purpose you would need your sling. If you have to use your backpack regularly, you should not go for the style that starts showing clear and visible signs of wear and tear at an early stage. Similarly, if you need the sling for long-term adventures, then you would need the sling with the style that has plenty of pockets for your water bottle, electronic equipment, and even for your other valuables. Don’t limit yourself when you are buying but choose the bag according to your need and requirement.
  • Size of the Sling: The style and looks can be deceiving and might sound cliché, and that is why you have to seriously consider several factors when choosing your bag’s size. Before going to the market, just analyze and think about the items you would contemplate carrying in that bag. The more things you need, the more oversized sling you would be needing. The rule of thumb is that larger slings are useful for business travelling or over-night camping, while the smaller ones are useful for tourists or even music festival attendees who want to keep their hands free.
  • Security Details: Numerous pockets and compartments in a sling bag come in handy. You would surely get your peace of mind when you are confident that your storage space is well secured. So, to get this relaxation, you should select the bag that has double zippers and also, they can be very well locked together. For extra security for your costly items, your sling must have anti-theft features that include slash-proofing – a durable cloth featuring a steel mesh designed to prevent knife robberies and as well as the pocket-like security system. 


To Sum It All Up

If you have to keep running around endlessly, whether it is in the city, along a trail, or even on top of the mountain, the best sling bag can be your best companion. Keeping your hands completely free to do things is indeed a great convenience that many travellers overlook and realize very late.

In the end, whether it is straightforward for your everyday stroll, or specifically for your outdoor activities, a sling backpack is a convenient option to keep all your valuable belongings in place. At the same time, you enjoy your travels without any stress.


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