9 Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviews

Best Skateboard Backpacks

A piece of significant equipment that could go along with your trendy skateboard is a good and perfect skateboard backpack. They are indeed an essential part of your skateboarding kit. It is also vital that you can carry a durable skateboard backpack and do not get damaged easily, thus proving to be your lifetime companion.

These skateboard backpacks should also have a multi-purpose character, giving you a versatile level and a wide range of determinations.

Fashion, uniqueness, and style are some of the things that skateboarders prefer to look for in their backpacks. Other features like ample space and numerous accessories to fit all luggage and gears are some additional advantages to the skater.

Durability, secure with tight holders and strong zippers, is indeed a convenient option for any skater. Personal comfort while skating, moving around town to the skate park, and grabbing all essential items safe are crucial.

If planning or thinking to invest in one of these, it is best and convenient to shuffle through the market and recognize what is most important to you as an individual. Since there skating bags are so many available, seek for a fun looking bag, a practical or matching pack.

This comprehensive review, along with a fantastic buying guide, will help you to identify and analyze a skateboard travel bag that matches your requirements and expectations.

9 Best Skateboard Backpacks Reviews

1. Ronyes Skateboard Multi-purpose Backpack

First, in our list, we have a fantastic backpack that is very interesting as it packs a couple of beneficial features. If you are searching for a complete sports backpack, you will definitely admire this backpack.

This bag comes in only single color, which is black, which simply looks good. But things that made this bag exclusive are that this bag comes with an incorporated USB cable that means with a Power bank that you can charge your phone or anything, and the wire will stay organized.

This bag comes with a zippered bottom pocket, and there is a wonder. The bottommost pocket consists of a theoretical net attached in the front of the bag where you can keep any kind of ball such as soccer ball, rugby, volley, basketball, football, and so on.

It also structures two side pockets where you can keep your water bottle, power bank, or anything else you like to.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, the Ronyes Multi-Function Backpack is entirely water-resistant. So, there is less or no chance that water will go inside your bag and destroy your valuables. This bag is constructed with excellent polyester material, and the capacity volume is 30 liters. Like others, this bag also has a separate compartment for the laptop.

  • Highly-comfortable shoulder straps
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Top-notch zippers
  • Offers net for ball carrying
  • Little pricey

2. Dakine Mission 25L Backpack

Whether your mission or aim is the mountains or the simple streets, The DaKine Mission 25L backpacks will see you right for a day’s business value. With a generous capacity of 25 liters, there is certainly sufficient space for all the things you might want to cart up to the park, the points, or even the office.

The DaKine Mission 25L’s size and an assortment of pockets make it the idyllic day bag. The main cubicle has an organizer pocket with a padded laptop sleeve and two zippered side stash pockets.

The shape is cut well enough that intrusion to your riding is kept to a minimum, while the shoulder straps of these bags and areas of the back panel are sufficiently padded for comfort on the move.

  • Great padded shoulder straps
  • Ideal weight
  • lacks the ability to slacken

3. Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack

Next on our list is an oversized skaters backpack that you can quickly and conveniently the park, school, or even just walking and wandering around out with your close friends. Turn your heads everywhere you go with this ultra-durable bag, further equipped with its double skater straps secure design to facilitate and accommodate many of your valuable belongings.

The durable polyester material and secure zipper closures will give you extra comfort and ease, knowing your most precious and valued items will be safe and sound all day long regardless of where you keep them.

This backpack also comes with a top Fleece-lined small zip Pocket with an easy glide zipper with plastic pullers, which means that this piece of perfection can surely go a long way.

  • Comfort Rubberized Top Handle
  • Side Mesh Hydration Pockets
  • Oversized Main Zip Compartment
  • Variety of colors
  • Straps do not wrap tight around


DC is a well-known name for making some of the best and versatile backpacks, and this backpack is one of them.

The Breed backpack from DC is packed full of storage and superb features that you don’t want to miss out on. Its generous 26 liters volume is a great start to look and evaluate, and the internal organizer offers excellent convenience for your handle.

It also contains two side pockets that are great for stowing loose bits and bobs, which get misplaced usually in other bags. The external pocket offers and delivers further convenience. All this storage capacity and size are excellent and purely functional, but this backpack also offers exterior skate straps and a padded air mesh back panel.

This bag completes itself with adjustable and padded shoulder straps, which will make it very easy for the skater to drag for as long as he wants with no sore shoulders.

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Ample amount of pockets
  • It comes with a laptop holder
  • Lacks paper holder
  • It cannot withstand any washer

5. Nike SB Courthouse Backpack

Nike frequently makes high-quality gears, and the Courthouse backpack is no exception. It is a simple, streamlined, designed backpack with easy-access pockets, and its durable construction makes this pack great for skaters and commuters alike.

This high-quality backpack is purposely designed so you can easily access your stuff while carrying your skateboard. While Velcro straps hold your skateboard securely in place, a large and enormous zippered main compartment provides ample storage for your gear.

The streamlined construction features dual side pockets and a small-item pocket in the forward-facing side for storing quick-access to your valuable essentials like your phone and wallet.

This backpack is made to last too. A water-resistant bottom helps keep your stuff thoroughly dried, while densely woven polyester creates a durable material.

The Nike SB Backpack provides sufficient room for gear storage with straps at the front to hold your board. Its durable polyester design features several pockets, and a sleeve for your laptop will surely convince you to buy this.

  • Water-resistant
  • Straps on the front to lock your skateboard
  • Polyester construction
  • Not as durable as promised
  • Size does not suit everyone

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6. JanSport Right Pack

With its signature suede pure leather bottom, the JanSport Right Pack is the iconic JanSport classic backpack. With an internal 15-inch laptop sleeve and front organizer pocket, the Right Pack by JanSport is sure to be the best and perfect backpack for wherever your day takes you.

It features a sizeable voluminous interior that is appropriate to hold all your daily goods. The Right Pack is best for school or campus use due to its vast capacity.

While its craftsmanship is lacking, it can store more than most packs so that you can bring your books, laptop, and extra layers. Its typical style is excellent for students that hit the books regularly with a laptop in-tow.

Overall, this bag has a medium level of comfort. When weighted to over 10 lbs, weight distribution gets tough. For carrying just a couple of textbooks and binders, though, it does the superb trick. It doesn’t even have a chest strap or waist belt but offers a wide range of length adjustments in the straps.

  • Good price
  • Ample space
  • Uncomfortable when weighted
  • Poor protection

7. RVCA Men’s Curb Skate Backpack

The RVCA Curb Backpack hits the pavement with clean lines and adequate stash space for travel work and everything in between. A well mid-sized skate pack, the modern design adds protracted organizational options, including three divided zippered sections, mesh side pockets, and also an internal laptop and organizer compartments. A flat front design is supplemented with a small rubber logo patch.

One drawback that we have gone through is that this backpack cannot be put into a machine and can only be washed by hands, so that it can be a little hassle for some users.

  • 95% polyester
  • Can fit everything
  • Zippers have some quality issues

8. Dakine URBN Mission

If you want something slim on your back so that you can skate quickly, then this is the thing for you. The slim and sleek design makes this entire bag look so trendy and comes in different color options to select your preferred one.

The material of this model varies. It features an interior organizer pocket and has a separate pouch for goggles. It has a compartment for 15 inches’ laptops, and the case is well padded, which guarantees your laptop’s safety.

Furthermore, the main compartment of this backpack is small, 23 liters. But that is obvious, as the bag is slim and lightweight. The waist strap is detachable, and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Separate goggles pouch
  • High-quality material
  • Have six pockets
  • Small and size do not suit everyone

9. Everest Griptape Backpack

Lastly, we have a backpack from Everest, which is small and cheap yet durable. The size of this backpack is small, which will permit you to carry it for long periods. But it is also right at some point that you won’t be able to take a lot of items in this very model since the capacity is significantly less.

This backpack is made out of 600D polyester material, and that is what makes a bag purely durable. To ensure the gear’s long life span, the manufacturer features double stitching on this product.

The laptop compartment can adjust a 15 inches’ laptop, and as the room is highly padded, and your computer will be completely secure inside that.

This bag also has padding on the back panel, which was established to provide the carrier with extra comfort. You will feel significantly less or no stress on your bag when the bag is even fully loaded. It consists of a dual hoop and loop strap where you will be keeping your skateboard.

As the straps are adjustable, you can store any sized skateboard in that without any stress.

  • Lightweight
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Easily affordable
  • Lacks side pockets

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love or want a useful and ergonomic, or even practical backpack at their disposal?

In terms of appearance and contemporary design, backpacks are unique and superior in style and recognize with individual personalities.

Skateboard personalities transport from place to place and travel very short distances to any home, skate parks, or from even work; thus, the need for a skateboard backpack cannot be avoided by a skater.

These backpacks have earned and made a space for themselves in flashy, trendy, and useful bags in the marketplace. Professionals, amateurs, and even kids are looking for backpacks for pleasure, fun, security, and safety of any important stuff they carry along anywhere.

The real challenge for a skater comes in identifying which of the available skateboard backpacks is suitable for him! Helping you out is one of the ways of showing and equipped you with all the necessary information about what to look for.

Remember always to take these specific factors and features in mind and shop extensively, starting with our listed backpacks.

Below we have established those single factors to consider to get an ideal backpack and avoid frustration. Here we go.

  • Size of the backpack

The length of any pack is an essential factor that one should seriously consider before buying. Our research shows that small or compact bags are no longer trendy. However, some individuals still desire this to overly bulky backpacks that deter movement or are not sufficient.

That is why many skaters are moving towards skateboard backpacks. What dictates the proper size and weight of your pack is your frequency of skateboarding. If you are a professional skater and all you need are your skateboarding gear and stuff, including skateboard, helmets, knee cap guards, etc., and then you just need a small size backpack.

However, if you wish to take pictures or record the event, you need more space and, eventually, a more oversized bag.

  • Strength of Strap

Most people wish to make their stuff their lifetime companions and do not want to reinvest in the same thing. For the same reason, the strength of the backpack’s straps is quite essential to take into account. Straps keep a firm and secure hold on the gear without loosening or having a significant impact on your body.

They are entirely adjustable and easily fit your posture depending on your bag’s weight when loaded with your essentials. Keep in mind that the main aim of any straps on a bag is delivering support. While surveying the market, we have noticed that the straps usually come in pairs even though some bags have only one.

Some are shoulder straps, waist belts, or even some go across your breastbone. We have concluded that the more the straps, the easier and comfortable it is to hold the bag in place when bulky. However, a single strap can also work correctly for you. You have to check whether the straps have padding or not as it is an excellent advantage for you.

  • Sturdy and High-Quality Zips

The safety of your other belongings when skateboarding is also quite crucial. You need to know and get satisfied that the laptop or iPad in the bag is secure at all times. The perfect padding protects your valuable items from banging into each other and breaking.

However, it does not avert them from spilling out of the bag when sliding through the park or roadside on your skateboard. Simple or weak zippers end up busting open. Fragile Velcro’s buttons are no perfect or suitable as they do not tighten their hold on your items present in the bag.

Thus concluding, backpacks with sturdy zips are preferable.

  • Weight when Empty

Lastly, the importance of the backpack is also a very crucial point. While skateboarding, weight is a vital issue as it affects your balance. Therefore, any weight on your shoulder must keep to a minimum.

Regardless of which skateboard bag you buy, ensure it is the lightest while still on the other side, meeting your different specifications. Features that influence on weight include being water resilient as the material is not only highly durable quality but also a little heavy.

Therefore, looking into these important features may help you keep your backpack lighter while still relishing the experience with your valuable belongings hanging on your shoulder.


It would surely help if you always kept in mind evaluating the backpack zippers carefully in terms of strength, trend, and quality. Weight probably the bag and ensure it is easily portable and has no more additional importance attached.

Select lucky colors to suit your personality and character. Try and keep the functionality of the backpack at an extreme level without hampering your desire to skate. With all these vital factors in mind, it is high time to get your own backpack and enjoy a perfect day out in the skate park.

Select wisely and make the right decision after fully satisfying yourself.Make your wildest dreams come true with a superb Skateboard backpack.

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