Best Single Strap Backpack Reviews 2021

single strap backpack

Like many inclinations from the ‘90s, the sling bag has had something of a revitalization. Similar to a backpack, but slung over one shoulder rather than two, they can surely be handy, functional, and not to mention the modish way of carrying all your day-trip fundamentals.

Inspired by the uber-cool trend of wearing your pack on one shoulder in an artificial attempt at nonchalance, the sling bag is the more contented, more practical offspring of this style.

Ergonomically-speaking, sling bags are a win-win situation. When worn diagonally across your back, the weight is distributed more consistently, making them outperform messenger or tote bags.

A happy hybrid between full-blown backpacks and less real-world shoulder bags, sling bags are perfect to house your fundamentals for city day trips, long walks, or even sightseeing. Here is the ultimate ideal guide to choosing your new single strap sling bag so that you can wander in the latest style.

If you are looking for an excellent sling backpack, then you have clicked the right link. There are numerous other amazing options out there available, and we know that it is not easy to make the right choice.

That’s why we have reviewed the best models, so you don’t have to spend your precious time comparing different models and reviews.

I have selected some high-quality shoulder bags designed to be quite durable, stylish, and completely functional. Have a look at the following list and choose the one that best fits your requirements!

Best Single Strap Backpack Reviews

1. Maxpedition Kodiak Gear slinger

Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger, Black

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First on our list is a military-ranger backpack, purely for adventure lovers, built with high-quality materials and as well as an intelligent design. The Maxpedition backpack is an “almost-indestructible” backpack that was initially designed for law and military enforcement professionals, so you can well imagine how resilient and reliable it is.

This bag features many exterior and interior pockets, sleeves, compartments, and heavy-duty Velcro to hold much gear. At the same time, it feels lightweight and very contented, as it has a padded strap and an additional padding system in the back.

There is also a side compartment to keep your small bottle of water and a hydration compartment, both of which are very accommodating when you are going on an outdoor trip. Most buyers revised this tactical sling backpack as being quite versatile, reliable, and comfortable.

The most impressive thing about this sling is that If you like this particular model, then you can easily find it in several different colors, mainly brown, gray, black, and green in a very military style.

  • Made from 100% nylon

  • No unwanted seams or polyester parts are used

  • Can fit up to 15.4″ laptop

  • Needs retention strap

  • Not designed for hefty hikes or long hikes

2. NeatPack Versatile Canvas Sling Bag

Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack | Wear Over Shoulder or Crossbody (Gray)

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Next on our list of unique backpacks is a sling from NeatPack, which was purposely designed for all-day comfort, with an ergonomic and comfortable padded strap that fits a range of body types. Can you imagine no more aching neck, back & shoulders like with your favorite backpack!

This backpack certainly takes good care of your comfort and ease as it is an ergonomically designed, padded, breathable strap that makes you forget you are even wearing this bag. You can quickly and conveniently wear this sling bag over either on the shoulder comfortably or even in the front across the chest to deter thieves or shoplifters.

This backpack also Includes an appropriate front cell phone pocket with headphone access. The best feature about this sling is that you can register your new messenger sling bag on their website to be eligible and qualified for our lifetime guarantee.

The whole purpose behind this all exercise is that they want you to be completely thrilled with their product.

  • Unbelievable storage
  • It can be wear in several styles, thus making it versatile
  • Strong and rigid
  • Zippers might be a problem

3. SEEU Plus Oversized Sling Backpack

SEEU Plus Oversized Sling Backpack for Men Women, Double Layers Durable Bag Cross body Daypack

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The next one strap backpack is filled with a surprisingly spacious main section, which can carry all of your essential kinds of stuff for outdoor sports travel, school, business trip, and daily outing, etc., in short good enough to take everywhere. It can hold sufficiently essentials than most without being too heavy or bulky.

It indeed a delicate design single strap backpack. It also includes a stress bearable mechanism design fits most people’s body quite well and allows your waist to distribute the press on the back efficiently and effectively evenly.

The adjustable strap that it contains is comfortable across your shoulder, which can keep at the right and appropriate place across your body all the time instead of moving over to your neck or even to the front side.

Any parts will hardly fade and come apart as time goes. It is constructed with two layers of polyester material that is scratch-resistant and dirt-proof so that it will accompany you for quite a long time. The sewing and stitching are done very well tough with sturdy threads, no slackly threading, any parts will hardly come apart. The metal zippers all pull nicely that smoothly went up and down.

  • Durable and strong
  • Well-constructed
  • Crossbody backpack
  • Zippers might have some quality issues

4. Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling

Osprey Packs Daylite Shoulder Sling, Black

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The Osprey Daylite shoulder sling could be picture-perfect for the no-fuss minimalists amongst us. With separate space for your wallet, phone, a water bottle, keys, and maybe a map, you will be free to voyage without the weight of lugging around unnecessary possessions.

This backpack may be small, but the mesh interior organizer helps you to maximize that space effectively and efficiently, making this kind of like a tiny home for yourself. Sure, you could have ample space. But do you really need it for a quick and instant day trip?

The soft and breathable strap material is super skin-friendly, so you might hardly even feel this bag. With less weight, you will move faster and feel freer and more relaxed.

There are a key clip and a forward-facing access mesh section for those bits you want to access quickly; just pull the bag round to your front for timely, convenient, and speedy access.

In short, the Osprey Daylite shoulder sling is perfect for those who seek a neat, compact sling backpack for carrying their everyday essentials.

  • Designed to be worn over the wearer’s right shoulder
  • Large zippered main compartment
  • Breathable, anatomically shaped single shoulder strap
  • Not suitable for right-hander
  • Can’t hold a lot of weight

5. 5.11 10 Tactical 56964 Sling Moab Pack Style Backpack

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Tactical Sling Pack Backpack, Style 56964, Black

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This 5.11 sling bag is excellent for matching authentic military-style, keeping you patrol-ready every time. Like the daypacks of soldiers across the world, the Moab 10 promises to house everything you would need to withstand yourself for a short expedition or a leisurely day exploring No Man’s Land.

Be boots on the ground-ready for everything with the Moab 10 Tactical sling bag by 5.11. For regularly carrying that packs a punch with military efficacy, this could be your preferred new companion.

It is jam-packed with beneficial pockets with self-healing zips, including a fleece-lined compartment so your shades can be carried soundly and safely. The hydration pocket and a pass-through port harden the highly-utilitarian intention of this army-style sling bag.

Obviously, it features the all-vital adaptable cushioned shoulder strap, with a soldierly multiple pockets interior for a fastidious organization that will keep any inspecting sergeant pacified.

  • Made from 100% nylon
  • fully customizable tactical bag
  • adjustable cushioned shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant
  • The zippers are robust
  • The pocket on the belt is in kind of an odd place

6. MALDEN Shoulder Chest Pack Causal Crossbody Daypack

MARK RYDEN Sling Bag waterproof Shoulder Chest Crossbody Backpack Lightweight Casual Daypack for 9.7 inch ipad

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MALDEN is a brand that strictly checks all its products before their delivery to any customer. It has four main compartments. The first compartment has an elastic bag to split, suitable for your Ipad Mini, Kindle, Tablets that are up to 8 inches.

In contrast, the second compartment has two pockets for power bank, phones, wallet, and one space for a notebook. The third compartment is exposed with a nylon band to close for something easily accessible. Lastly, the fourth compartment is a tiny sized zipper pocket for keeping standard keys or small things.

This bag is waterproof except for the zippers part and its back, so you can keep your expensive and valuable stuff safe from exposure to water.

Lastly, the bag completes itself with the satchel strap, which is adjustable for as tight/loose, to suspend as high or low as you want. The padded strap and back are quite comfortable and light in weight; also, breathable mesh does not make you sweat at all.

  • Organized Sling Backpack
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded and breathable shoulder strap
  • Lacks durability
  • Sturdy fabric

7. Nicki Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack

Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Fanny Pack Crossbody Bags for Men(Army green)

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For when you have already got sufficient items to carry, this Nicgid sling bag could be the bag you have been searching for without the additional weight of the bag itself. The lightweight Nicgid sling backpack out-does its immense predecessors by providing featherlight storage without compromising on volume.

Ponder of it as kind of like the iPhone to your Nokia 3310, which, of course, there is a designated pocket for.

With a spacious primary compartment permitting room for your iPad Mini, mobile phone, or even Kindle, there are also four little pockets for your other fundamentals. This is indeed the sling bag for people who do not like carrying sling bags.

Completed with minimalists in mind, you can cruise along with all your requirements without huffing and puffing about the troublesomeness of carrying a backpack.

So, while you will likely need a more oversized sling bag for even the most Spartan of overnight trips, this bag could be ideal for museum trips, casual strolls, or even bike rides.

  • Nylon lining
  • Made of high quality water proof and rip-resistant nylon
  • Can be worn in the front or back of the body
  • Lacks durability
  • A gap or hole visible on the edge of a pocket


Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Large Rover Sling Pack

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In the end, we have another fantastic backpack that needs super-resistant gear. It is pretty durable and also water-resistant with featuring various compartments, sleeves, and pockets. It is, though, a trendy option for the reason that you get an excellent backpack for an extremely reasonable charge. Most of the buyers review it as an outstanding choice.

This backpack’s most preferred quality is that the roomy key compartment is equipped with a touch-fastener secured slip compartment on the back that will adjust and accommodate most tablets and a second on the front wall that protects with a touch-fastener closure on the end of the zippered slip pocket.

It is ambidextrous, and there are four great-sized compartments to keep all your valuable belongings, including binoculars, phones, books, and other things. It is also a favorite opportunity for many hunters and military personnel.

In short, this is the excellent outdoor backpack is perhaps the best value for the money in military designs.

  • Water-resistant canvas exterior
  • Two-way reliable and smooth zipper closure
  • The Satchel strap is entirely adjustable for as tight or loose
  • Quite affordable
  • Good range of colors
  • Some customers complain about its quality

Buying Guide

The ’90s trend is back, and with them, the slightly edgier, far more hipster cousin of fanny packs—sling bags are back in action. Sling bags are, yes, a style statement and a convenient way to carry your essentials while traveling the world.

Think of them as the intermediate ground between a backpack and your pockets. In this part of the guide, we are going to walk you through how to choose the best or perfect sling bag for your situation, which certainly means diving into all of the different aspects of sling bags and elucidation what works best for a variety of circumstances.

We are also going to review you with some specific sling bag commendations based on months of testing.

Even if every sling bag determines you to carry your belongings accessibly, there are no two similar packs. Be it the style, a specific material, or the number of sections, and you will want to select the sling bag that will check all your required boxes. The following are those important features you should look for while buying.

  • Material

While choosing the backpack, do consider the circumstances you will be wearing that. If you plan to use this backpack regularly, you certainly need a durable that can go a long way and that does not start showing signs of wear and tear in the early stages. Similarly, if you plan to bring it with you on long-term quests, consider choosing the style with ample compartments for your water bottle, even for electronic equipment and other essentials.

  • Profile

The profile of a sling bag substantially impacts its overall appearance and comfort level. Most sling bags have an oblong shape to fit the chest and back nicely. As we mentioned previously, sometimes hip packs try to be sling bags—some are even fruitful at it—but they won’t be nearly as contoured to the chest and can suspend in such a way as to look unbalanced.

With a sling backpack, you will usually find one of two orientations: wide or tall. They are both correspondingly great options that work better or worse for diverse use-cases and style preferences.

  • Weather Resistance

You will likely carry necessary gear in your sling bags, such as your money, cellphone, and passport. Unless you have got special powers that allow you to avoid snow and rain indefinitely, a bit of weather resistance quality is a significant plus as it will protect those essential items from damage.

Plus, weather-resistant bags can be wiped down quickly, which means you won’t have to wear a sopping wet sling against your chest—not a fun practice. On the other hand, too much weatherproofing quality is overkill.

Full-blown waterproof or super weather-resistant resources are built for just that—resisting water. Generally speaking, they are not going to hold up to regular use and other fabrics, and they are not going to look as nice or feel as content on your back/chest.

Wrap Up

Although I use regular backpacks for most of my journeys, but I think there are many other situations in which a sling backpack can be very beneficial. I mean, packs are grand and impressive, as you can keep a lot of things in them because they are very comfortable and easy to wear, but sometimes you just want to drag something light weighted and need easy access to it.

Like shops and museums, some places don’t let you carry big and heavy backpacks, so you will have to pay to secure your valuable belongings. On the other hand, when you stay in a city and have left your gear at your hostel, you might want to convey a few things for the day, like sunscreen, water, a camera, a map, etc.

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