The 9 Best Picnic Backpack Reviews 2021

Picnic Backpack

One of the most acceptable ways to culminate your outing trip is by planning an amazing picnic. In as much as this may enable you to have a lot of junk foods and overspend at the very same time, there is indeed a safe way of evading all this issue or trouble.

Inexpensive, fun, and completely customizable, there is so much to love and admire about a summer picnic. Well, you were excluding for a cumbersome and substantial picnic basket, which is why we love these practical backpack versions.

Carrying a food basket wherever you go for a picnic may be quite dull. Using a backpack instead would be a healthier option because it will permit you to carry along what you desire.

These picnic backpacks are the upgraded and new take on the classic satchel, and we are telling you now—once you try one, you will never go back to a heavy basket.

With plenty of space for the best picnic snacks and food, all of the eating essentials (cutlery, glasses, plates, and more), plus neat features like sections for wine and blankets, these backpacks contain all of it—and the best thing is that they are straightforward to carry.

Whether it’s a simple cheese and dips picnic at a summer concert in a London park, an alfresco trip for four in one of the USA’s epic national parks, or just simple picnic salads and BBQ affair on the beachside, no matter wherever in the world your alfresco feast takes you, these are the perfect four-person picnic backpacks.

We have chosen and made a list of these picnic backpacks because they will keep your load light without compromising on civilized picnic accessories.

The 9 Best Picnic Backpack Reviews

1. Picnic at Ascot Original Equipped 2 Person Picnic Backpack

The 600 denier canvas material used to make these great backpacks is a little bit tough and is thus recommended for rugged nature strolls or camping. This backpack has well-padded shoulder straps which guarantee you of sufficient comfort while carrying it around all day.

The ascot Deluxe two-person backpack has numerous features that make it best suited for its motive. It includes a side vacuum flask, stainless steel mugs, plates, utensils, napkins, cheese board, cheese knife, wine corkscrews, salt, and even pepper shakers.

There is also separate insulated foods, and drinks pocket and a side insulated wine holder for your comfort.

The best feature that you would be very interested in knowing is its COOLER COMPARTMENT with removable heat welded leak-proof liner that will keep your food at the perfect temperature for hours so that you can always eat hot and fresh food.

It also consists of an insulated wine holder that is attached to the side of the backpack. This backpack is a great gift idea, and you can surprise your family and friends by having this at your housewarming parties, birthday, and even Christmas holidays.

  • Best bag for couples as it is excellent for two
  • Quite durable
  • It provides great comfort while carrying it because it has comfortable puffy straps
  • The wine glasses are completed of plastic, which resulted in a somewhat plastic taste, but this can be slightly alleviated by washing them in warm soapy water before the first-time use

2. Oak & Olive  Backpack

Next on our list is a backpack that is comprised of a package of four diners. It includes crockeries and cutleries, acrylic wine glasses, cotton napkins, a wine corkscrew, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, a cheese knife, a cutting board, a bottle opener, and a waterproof fleece-lined blanket.

It is made of polyester and can withstand the heavy course work and assure its companionship for quite a long time.

Whether it’s Spring romance or even a Summer beach or patio, Fall tailgating, or Winter holiday entertaining and gifting, Picnic Plus by Spectrum products is always in grand style, in season, and in high demand.

In fact, they continue to introduce and develop new, trendy and fashionable lunch bags, insulated food carriers, cheeseboards, wine totes, and products for every type of party imaginable for your convenience in each season.

Made with a heavy-duty 600D polyester external shell and with two soft padded adjustable shoulder straps with handsome leatherette trim, this bag will surely be on your preference list.

  • two detachable insulated wine carriers that help to keep your drinks in the right temperatures.
  • Straps are well-padded and are bound at the edges with leather. This increases its durability
  • bit expensive
  • food compartment is not deep enough

3. Sunflora Family Picnic Backpack

The next picnic bag on our list has four diner packages as it is quite large with all the wine accessories. One of the best and impressive features about this backpack is that it contains an ice-cooler which means you can keep your wine and other fizzy drinks chilled so that you can fully enjoy your adventure.

It also includes waterproof pouches so that your important stuff doesn’t get spoiled by water and should remain fresh till the end.

The key features of the Sunflora family Picnic backpack pack for four are as follows: four tableware, plastic wine glasses, ample food packing space, bottle pocket, plates, napkins, and a blanket.

It is partitioned in such a way that you can easily pack with you just what you actually is needed for an enjoyable picnic of a family.

In short, it is a beautiful choice and practical enough for your family outdoor camping, BBQ & beach party, or any other event. You can try it now with no worries.

  • It comes with an ice pocket designed for packing whichever drink you prefer to carry with you
  • It Will help you have a real organized picnic due to its highly organized nature
  • It has a full and complete package for four diners
  • The provided blanket is not at all dry, cleaner friendly

4. Apollo walker Backpack Bag

This backpack in our list has a blanket with blue and white strips that blends very well with the seashore theme. It has a comprehensive set for four diners, such as plates, a cheese board, a cutting knife, utensils, plastic glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, and two un-mountable coolers.

It also contains insulated pouches for your food storage and safety to help maintain its temperature.

Picnic food storage compartment is 15% better and more extensive than competitors with premium insulation lining for diets to stay warm or more relaxed for quite longer.

A removable significant side zipper closure insulated bottle/wine chiller to carry a large bottle of wine/water firmly and safely along with a large-sized 45×53 inch waterproof back fleece picnic blanket.

Talking about its features, for which we recommend you, this bag is the ascot Deluxe Two-person backpack, which means that it has several features that make it best suited for its purpose. It has a side vacuum flask, napkins, plates, utensils, stainless steel mugs, cheese board, wine corkscrews, salt and pepper shakers, cheese knife, insulated foods, and drinks pocket, and a side insulated wine holder.

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for romantic picnics because it comfortably fits a two people’s package
  • It is made of a durable material
  • Easy to carry due to its puffy straps
  • Easily affordable
  • The provided utensils a little bit fragile

5. Oniva Turismo Insulated Backpack Cooler

This backpack is quite elegant, trendy, and ideal for people who are apt to take a rather thoughtful excursion. In as much as this bag lack some accessories associated with other competitive backpacks, it consists of sections that may be used to hold some bites and drink. It has a great, streamlined shape which makes its appearance quite elegant and classy.

This bag also features two large-sized insulated interior compartments and well non-slip, extra-comfy backpack straps so that you can enjoy your picnic to your fullest. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable insulated water bottle holder that will work according to your convenience, along with an adjustable shoulder strap which you can easily separate if you don’t feel like putting that.

It measures 19 by 16 by 5 inches and is backed by the Picnic Time Family of Brands, which is built to life-time guarantee.

It has numerous compartments on the inside and even on the outside. It has a big roomy porch that is insulated to help keep your foods’ temperatures low. This backpack has puffy straps, which provide excellent ease while carrying, and a firm and rigid bottom. It is best suited for bike rides, hiking, and sightseeing.

  • It has real comfy straps
  • Best for long-distance hiking, riding, or nature walks
  • Has many porches for packing foods and drinks
  • The package doesn’t include any accessories such as utensils and blankets

6. California Picnic Backpack

This backpack in our list is well equipped to let you enjoy your picnic to the fullest. It contains a waterproof blanket, cutlery, wine glasses, potteries, napkins, a wine corkscrew, a cheese board, and a cheese knife.

All these are presented in a pleasant and well-designed backpack that is insulated to maintain your drinks and food temperature. This package is wholesomely refillable and reusable, and the utensils are all dishwasher friendly, which makes it super easy to clean.

The packing and unpacking of the California picnicking back are relatively straightforward, so you don’t have to give a second thought about carrying it along with your picnic.

Besides, some really highest quality accessories are being used only. The best fabrics or materials to make this insulated picnic basket bag picnic set for two and four are guaranteed to withstand extreme weather conditions, so this means that you can drag this at any place.

  • The Waterproof blanket gives you the advantage to use it even on a dumping ground
  • It is quite practical and has all you need for a successful picnic
  • It can be an excellent surprise to gift someone
  • The blanket carrier straps are fragile and a little bit thin

7. Mountain Warehouse Four Person Picnic Set

This is one of the cutest backpack picnics sets on the list; Mountain Warehouse’s option also happens to be one of the reasonable and easily affordable. It contains everything you could need for a picnic for four people, including a stainless-steel cutlery set, plates, wine chopping board, and wine glasses.

This picnic backpack also has a removable drinks cooler. There is a matching picnic blanket available for an added cost, although sadly, it does not attach to the bag straight as some on this list do.

This backpack is super compact, attractive and if you don’t want to fancy the green floral design, then it also comes in a summery flamingo print, thus giving you an extra option.

The backpack is made from lightweight and durable polyester with dimensions of 40cm x 27cm x 18.5cm contents. The twelve-piece stainless steel cutlery set with four plates and four wine glasses, cutting board salt & pepper shakers Corkscrew/bottle opener would surely make you think to invest in this.

  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Capacious
  • It comes in two designs
  • The cups are not strong enough
  • Bad zips

8. VonShef 4 Person Picnic Backpack

This stylish picnic backpack features an insulated cooler section and includes everything you might need for a picnic for four people. It consists of four sets of crockery and cutlery, a collection of wine glasses with some cute cotton napkins so that there is nothing that you are deprived of.

You will also find salt and pepper shakers, a chopping board, a cheese knife, and a corkscrew inside.  Furthermore, it has a wine holder, and removable bottle holder, and a roll-up picnic blanket that you can use according to your picnic requirement.

This backpack picnic set has additional comfy soft-padded shoulder straps, making it very easy to carry to your chosen cool picnic destination.

Lastly, you would be glad to know that It also has a waterproof exterior to protect your stuff or food on days of unpredictable weather, thus making you relaxed from any hassle of maintenance.

  • Complete picnic set
  • Soft and padded shoulder straps
  • Have a cool and stylish look
  • Food capacity can be increased
  • The picnic mat is small in size

9. Greenfield Collection Super Deluxe Mulberry Red Picnic Backpack

Our last pick is also ideal for four people.  This chic picnic backpack contains all the necessary essentials for a picnic for up to four people. This includes cutlery, crockery, napkins, food containers, salt, pepper shaker, insulated mug, wine glasses, and a bottle stopper.

This backpack also comes with a stainless-steel flask. It uses Icetech plus thermal insulation to ensure that the contents can be kept cool or warm up to 5-7 hours, which means that you don’t have to worry about the food being fresh and enjoy your picnic to your fullest.

It is one of the most durable picnic backpacks set on our list available right now, which is made from high-quality 600D polyester. The best thing is that It is also lightweight, with comfortable and padded shoulder straps.

Again, this set also gives you the option that if you want or like, don’t fancy the mulberry red color, it also comes in a smart navy blue and forest green to choose from according to your preference.

In short, this product contains an abundance of space within the backpack that fully accommodates and adjusts food, containers, and beverages for your picnic. This version includes the Stainless-Steel flask and the picnic blanket.

  • Very durable
  • It comes in different designs.
  • Contains supplies to keep your food fresh
  • Quite pricey

Buying Guide

Selecting a picnic backpack has never been comfortable and relaxing irrespective of how veteran one is in picnicking. Bearing in mind the wide variety of picnic bags that floods our existing market, it could be a tiresome task to determine the best picnic haversack for your planned purpose.

In this respect, we have come up with the perfect guide-on for you, which defines ideal features for a bag intended for a particular purpose.

Considering that several other backpacks are designed to suit changed kinds of picnics, it is necessary to be well-versed in where the separating line lies for the different other packs. Let us, therefore, have a glance at the features of the perfect picnic backpacks.

We will also define the short antiquity of picnics and how you can fully enjoy your picnic.

  • Straps

Straps are the critical point to consider before buying any backpack. Bags with well-padded straps are most endorsed for hikes. This is because the fastenings will give you maximum well-being while carrying it by the shoulder joint.

A backpack with a mesh outer lining on the areas planned to contact you is most suggested for those who choose to go for an outing in hot places.

  • Zippers

Keep in mind that you should always choose bags with firm and strong zips to relish your bag’s services for quite some time. Every pouch should have a sturdy zipper that will run effortlessly as you open or close your bag.

Be sure that the teeth knit are composed so entirely that no spaces are left behind while the zipper is closed. This will guarantee that your foodstuffs will remain fresh, intact, and even uncontaminated by crawling insects.

  • Blanket

A one can easily over the requirement for a clean and cozy blanket in your picnic pack; therefore, a blanket is essentials for fun outside as it will safeguard you and remain clean throughout your picnic. The best makes are generally waterproof and hence can be used even on dump grounds.

Carrying that along, you should never be a hustle since there are backpacks with a special compartment for the blanket.

Wrap up

If you need to go for the picnic, you need to box your belongings in a single package. The picnic scene is positioned far from the parking area; carrying these products in an everyday bag has become attractive.

However, to overcome these problems, you have to cleverly invest in purchasing one picnic backpack or even more picnic backpacks, which encompass every tableware item for serving and carrying food efficiently.

So, make your decision very wisely and select the one that suits you and your requirement.

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