10 Best Concealed Carry Vest

best concealed carry vest

Carrying a concealed weapon is nothing less than ‘Art.’ In order to do so, you require to use the special holsters and mechanisms to grip the gun flat underneath clothing without losing easy access.

However, being unable to quickly draw your weapon can eventually be critical in life-threatening circumstances. Concealed carry vests the best solution for both.

They offer numerous benefits to users, whether you want a vest for your daily use or just for an occasional course or hunting excursions. They are the most convenient option because they are lightweight and can easily fit under any clothing.

As compare to waist holsters or other concealed carry options, vests come with accessory mechanisms and multiple additional pockets, which makes it likely to carry all of your vital gadgets, gun accessories and extra ammunition. A concealed carry vest is the best option to carry a concealed weapon and complements your daily attire and casual social situation.

No matter you are looking to buy your first vest, or you’re looking to get an upgrade to an existing vest, we are here to help. This article will review the best options available in the market, ranging from the most durable to most functional.

10 Best Concealed Carry Vest

1.SOA Men’s Leather Club Style W/Concealed Vest

SOA Mens Leather Club Style Vest W/Concealed Gun Pockets, Cowhide Leather Biker Vest, Single Panel Back (Black, L)

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The SOA Men’s Leather Style Vest is specifically designed for anyone who loves adventures. It is not only stylish but also produced from premium cowhide leather. The leather vest comes with four pockets on the front so that you can easily conceal and carry your gears.

Additionally, it comes with a sunglass slit on the top left to step up your style game. The high-quality leather and a lot of inner and outer pockets make it highly durable and suitable for outdoor use.

Furthermore, it has three pockets on the inner side of the vest for keeping extra equipment. They grasp your handguns appropriately without flopping.

The SOA Men’s Leather Style Vest has an internal Velcro-based pocket. It enables you to carry a tab or phone. Overall, this vest can be an exceptional choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Great CCW pockets
  • Features zipper snap
  • Attractive design
  • Durable leather
  • Good value for the price
  • Might have fitting issues

2.SOA Motorcycle Concealed Vest

SOA Mens Leather Club Style Vest W/Concealed Gun Pockets, Cowhide Leather Biker Vest, Single Panel Back (Black, L)

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SOA Motorcycle Vest is designed keeping bikers in mind. It is crafted from first-class leather, and which makes it highly durable and long life. It comes with Snap & Zipper-Front Closure. Also, this leather vest comes with inner gun pockets so that you can suitably conceal your weapon.

Also, it helps you to sustain an inconspicuous appearance. In addition to keeping your ammo hidden, you can even use the pockets to warm your hands as well. Additionally, the SOA Vest features two chest pockets having snap closure. And you can use the additional space to store your essential small gears.

Other than that, it has a single panel back, which is appropriate for personalization, and the panel back is really heavy-duty, so it will surely last for a long time being in regular use.

In a nutshell, the SOA Motorcycle Vest comes with excellent features, and so most bikers find it a perfect choice.

  • High-quality leather
  • Features deep concealment pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Ensure excellent fit
  • Affordable price
  • Sizes are small

3.First Manufacturing Men’s Buffalo Nickel Vest

First MFG Co. - Gun Runner - Men's Leather Western Vest (Black, XX-Large)

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First Manufacturing Men’s Buffalo Nickel Vest is produced from 1.1-1.2-millimeter-thick cow leather. For this reason, it ensures ultimate durability. It comes with internal gun pockets for concealed carry.

In addition to that, the leather vest comes with four old buffalo nickel head that snaps on the front. And it also has two outer pockets with concealed snap closure. Not only that, but it also comes with two concealed gun pockets inside of the vest, and these pockets are made using exclusive nylon.

The pockets and have holsters and snap closure. Apart from that, the leather vest has a single panel back, which is perfect for patches.

The panel-back offers American sizes with ample length and perfect fitting. Again, you only need to adjust the leather vest’s size with the help of lacing.

Lastly, it comes with the armhole lining, which is clipped with heavy buffer fabric to prevent the vest-lining from peeking out of the armhole. For extra safety, the manufacturer uses a polyester lining. Overall, this tactical vest is well-thought-out as the best-concealed carry vest due to its fantastic features.

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  • Stylish and trendy
  • Offers plenty of storage
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Superior quality leather
  • Fairly priced
  • Not suitable for outdoor sports

4.Men’s SOA Anarchy Style Denim Vest

Men's SOA Anarchy Style Denim Vest w/One Inside Concealed Weapon Gun Pockets (Large, Black Collarless)

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Men’s SOA Anarchy Style Vest is ideal for people who don’t like vests with too many pockets. It is produced from 14.5oz Denim, and so it ensures maximum durability.

The best part is, it comes with six pockets that enable you to keep your gears concealed. You will find four pockets on the outer side and two pockets on the inner side for the carrying holster.

The design is kept modest and elegant to ensure you look good without being suspicious while carrying weapons confidential in the gun pockets.

Moreover, it has a five-snap front closure for additional security. Also, they are easy to use. Inclusive, the Denim Vest is an excellent option for everyday wear and also suitable for use while riding, camping or working.

  • Features gun pockets
  • Durable materials
  • Superior quality
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Fairly priced
  • Might have fitting issues

5.Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest

Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest-Black-small

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This vest is designed for spring/summer/fall use. Not only is it a very lightweight cotton/poly blend, but it comes with three zippers on the back for opening vents. It also has monstrous 23 pockets, which gives it more storage space than you’ll ever imagine.

The concealed carry pockets are bimanual, which means they’re open on two sides. The single velcro strap is sufficient to hold your gun in place even when you bend over. You might need a pocket holster to make this vest more useful. Also, it is suggested to order a size smaller than usual since the sizes route on the large side.

If you are trying to find a lightweight tactical vest for carrying a lot of gears, the Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest is just what the specialist ordered.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 23 pockets
  • Washable cotton/polyester blend
  • Vented back for warm weather
  • Two concealed carry pockets
  • Concealed carry pockets require a holster
  • Sizes run a bit large

6.Gihuo Men’s Casual Outdoor Denim Vest

Gihuo Men's Casual Outdoor Leisure Lightweight Pockets Fishing Photo Journalist Hunting Vest Plus Size (S, Army green)

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This vest is one of the toughest vests that will last you for years. It comes with sixteen pockets – four interior and twelve exterior–all with -metal zippers and snaps. It’s available in a huge variety of ten colors and appearances like a hiking or fishing vest. Some might find it a bit hot for summer use but works well in winter, fall, and spring.

It’s not precisely designed as a concealed carry vest. As a result, the internal pockets zip shut. This makes it difficult to find your gun and may also cost you precious seconds if you need to draw it quickly in an emergency. The Gihuo Men’s Casual Outdoor Denim Vest is a decent choice for carrying compact or sub-compact pistols.

  • 16 pockets
  • Durable, washable denim shell
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Metal zippers and hardware
  • Not specifically designed for concealed carry
  • Internal pockets zipper shut

7. Smith & Wesson Men’s Vest

Smith & Wesson Men's Tracking Vest, Size Small - Olive Green

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The Smith & Wesson comes with a thick, nylon/polyester shell that’s really warm. Definitely not recommended to wear it in the summer, and it can keep you enough even when the weather is below freezing if you wear it over a sweatshirt.

It has deep hand warming pockets on the outer side, as well as three vertical pockets that has magazine slots in each of them. The concealed carry pockets are large enough for a Glock 19 or a large Smith & Wesson, and they are zip shut.

This is a bizarre choice since the vest is designed precisely for concealed carry. It also comes with a high price tag, although the quality rationalizes with the price. This is a perfect choice if you need a high-quality winter vest suitable for concealed carry.

  • Warm nylon/poly shell
  • Deep, padded handwarmer pockets
  • Ambidextrous concealed carry pockets
  • External pockets have 6 total magazine slots
  • Machine washable
  • Concealed carry pockets zip shut
  • Expensive

8. Berne Echo One Zero Concealed Carry Vest

Berne Men's Echo One Zero Vest, Small Regular, Bark

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The Berne Echo One is a bushy, cold-weather vest that can keep you warm during fall, winter, and spring wear. It’s suitable for machine-washing and has a fleece liner. It has concealed carry pockets on both sides and has MOLLE velcro on the inner site for securing your pocket magazine.

This vest comes with external magazine pockets on both sides, which can accommodate four to six magazines depending on size. It’s a bit pricier as compared to some other options, but it’s durable and high-quality.

Overall, it’s a great warm, durable cold-weather vest. When used with a velcro holster, it’s picture-perfect for concealed carry.

  • Machine washable cotton shell
  • Warm fleece liner
  • Ambidextrous concealed carry pockets
  • External magazine pockets
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Requires a holster
  • Heavy and expensive

9. Cinch Men’s Carry Vest

Cinch Men's Concealed Carry Bonded Vest, Black, S

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If you need a more neutral look with somewhat more water resistance, the Cinch Men’s Concealed Carry Bonded Vest is a perfect choice. The Cinch Bonded Vest is not too hot, and its style can match with a wide range of jackets and undershirts.

It comes with some of the most lavish gun pockets of any of the fleeces backing adds comfort without putting too much weight. The price tag justifies the quality, features as it offers more weather resistance – both in terms of the higher collar and exterior fabric, which works perfectly to keep wind and rain off the neck.

It works best with smaller handguns since the lighter fabric tended to print more voluntarily with larger pieces. Also, the large pockets have no securing strap, so this vest would get an advantage from the combination with a velcro holster. Moreover, this vest is cozier, warm, and of higher quality than many of the other options.

  • Ambidextrous carry position
  • Thick but light cotton exterior
  • High carry position
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Larger guns can print slightly
  • Pistol pocket will not conceal when unzipped

10.Wrangler concealed Carry Vest

Wrangler Men's Concealed Carry Stretch Trail Vest, Black, S

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The Wrangler Men’s Concealed Carry Vest is a modish concealed carry classic for people like the Wrangler brand and needs a handy fleece-to-carry vest. If you’re searching for something that will really vague the fact you’re carrying and want a lightweight concealment vest that is tailored for full-sized handguns – this is the perfect vest for you.

The carry pockets have no retention straps, are not adjustable, and are huge; small handguns will shove around a lot. It’s specifically designed for full-size handguns, which will fit naturally in the pockets without tumbling around like smaller pieces.

It is the most durable vest, plus a warm fleece lining that diminished heat loss, and it comes in a wide-ranging variety of colors than many other options. Its front pockets are located a little further out than where your hands naturally fall but aren’t tight to use.

  • Firm, comfortable material
  • Quality fit
  • Recognizable Wrangler brand
  • Better for larger handguns
  • Longer fit

Buying Guide

When you’re buying a vest for concealed carry, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. A lot of these factors will be contingent on you, your gun, and your lifestyle, so weigh your options cautiously.


Concealed carry vests might be made of just about any material that is used to make regular clothes. We have written down some of the most common options:

  • Leather vest

It will characteristically be very durable and will go well with riding gear or motorcycle. Anyone who works on a ranch or a farm can easily transmit in one of these vests. That said, a leather vest is going to fascinate a lot of attention if you live in a big city. That would definitely be the last thing you want to do when carrying a concealed gun: wear clothing that screams “This guy has a gun!” so go for a leather vest only if it won’t appear out of place.

  • Canvas

canvas is warm, water-resistant, and durable. It also comes in a huge verity of colors, and it is easy stitching, so canvas vests usually have a great number of pockets. This can help secure your profile while carrying your gun, and also, the extra pockets can be useful for carrying extra magazines, fishing and hunting supplies or tools.

That said, you’re liable to look like a fisher or photographer when you’re wearing one, so they’re noticeable in a lot of everyday circumstances.

  • Linen/nylon

Nylon or Linen vests are designed to look like old-style menswear. This makes them idyllic if you wear a sports jacket or suit for work. Additionally, the material is usually slim, which means you’ll need that jacket to help secure the gun’s profile.

  • Denim/fleece

These are the slightest fashionable options but are also suitable in the largest number of situations. Almost anybody can wear one of these vests without looking suspicious. They’re also warm, so they can be good cold-weather gear.


Depending on where and why you’re carrying, you may require different options. To start with, the majority of concealed carry vests have two pockets, one on each side. If you’re a leftie, make sure your vest has this possibility, or you may get trapped drawing right-handed.

Additionally, you’ll want to check whether or not the pockets have straps to confine your firearm. The majority of concealed carry vests do, but some need you to use a pocket holster or risk having your weapon pop out of the pocket, surprisingly. The majority of these straps are made of velcro to be unconfined quickly in an emergency.

You’ll also need to make sure you can carry as many additional magazines as you need. Typically, one in the gun and one in the opposite-side pocket will be adequate, but if you’re an undercover law enforcement officer, you might want to carry additional firepower.

Tactical vests are a good choice for this drive but can make you stand out like a sore thumb in many circumstances.

If you’re searching for a concealment possibility that can be worn under athletic wear, a tank top can be a better choice than a vest. These won’t have additional pockets for an extra magazine, but they’re better than nothing.


If you have to carry concealed every day, you’re going to need a concealed carry vest that’s fitted enough not to flap around but also loose enough that you can effortlessly reach inside and access your weapon.

If you’re ordering one on the web, keep in mind that sizes can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Make sure to try it on as quickly as it arrives to find out whether or not it fits properly. If it doesn’t, return it instantly and order a different size.

The material also plays a major role in comfort. A heavy denim vest may be awfully comfortable in cold weather but can be tyrannically hot in the summer. Equally, a lightweight nylon vest may be comfortable in midsummer, but you’ll need to layer other warm clothes over the top of it in winter.

If you usually wear a jacket over your vest, make sure to wear that when you’re trying the vest on. See if there are any knots or pockets on the vest that cause your jacket to hitch, and no matter your jacket still fits well, it might be uncomfortable to wear for long hours.


We’ve already shed some light on this a bit, but it allows repeating: the entire point of concealed carry is to maintain your weapon concealed. While any clothing that covers the firearm will keep you legal, however, some may not keep you safe in an emergency situation.

Legal reasons apart, the main advantage of concealed carry – as opposed to open carry – is that the bad guys won’t identify you’re armed.

If any casual witness can tell that you’re carrying, you can possibly become noticeable if, for example, you might be standing in line at the bank when an armed man decides to rob the place.

Consider your atmosphere carefully – where you socialize, where you work, and where you run your errands – and select a vest that won’t look out of place.


As we’ve talked about, a lot of possibilities available for concealed carry vests. You can purchase them in a wide variety of materials: canvas, leather, denim, nylon, fleece, and others. You can also choose from numerous styles, from safari vests to biker gear to formal business attire and everyday work vests.

We’ve also discussed a wide variety of functionality, from vests that are basically overestimated holsters or vests that have a dozen or additional pockets for all your survival gear. Whether you’re carrying each day or whether you’re carrying a sidearm in the pitch as the last option of defense against predators, there’s a perfect vest here for you.

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