Best Concealed Carry Belts

best concealed carry belt

The best way to effectively and comfortably carry a concealed gun, you need more than just a decent holster. It would be perfect if you had a gun belt. A  belt is a must-have to ensure proper concealment and support of your gun.

If you carry a firearm regularly, you must be already aware of the importance of  carry belts. Searching for the perfect combination of belt and holster can be a confusing situation, something like a trial-and-error sort of state, which is the prime reason many of you must have a drawer filled with holsters.

On the other hand, some people will also have a shelf in your closet with as many belts as one can imagine, neatly stacked and coiled. Of Couse, all this is evidence of the trials with belts of numerous kinds.

We realize the frustration you feel. Like many other concealed carry vest and holders, they put their efforts to find that picture-perfect belt to hold up their trousers and retain their concealed carry weapon safe and secure.

Accumulation of a concealed carry holster to your everyday carry makes many variations in the basics of your wardrobe. One of those changes is, your belt now has the significant task of securing your concealed carry holster and firearm.

Without a doubt, you don’t want to attract attention to yourself or your family. The belt should be comfortable and stylish enough that you don’t stand out to complete that average guy look to whom no one gives a second thought.

The struggle is to find a belt that meets these requirements and does it in a way that remains unassuming and stylish. We have found some perfect matches, so let us review them.

Best Concealed Carry Belts

1. Relentless Tactical Ultimate Concealed Belt


Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - 14 Ounce 1 1/2 Inch Premium Full Grain Leather Belt - Handmade in The USA! Black Size 32

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This Tactical Ultimate belt is a USA-manufactured timeless piece. Additionally, the trendy concealed carry belt comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that you can get in touch with the manufacturer at any time if you are not pleased with this product. Interestingly, they will replace your belt without any additional cost.

With this concealed  belt, you can keep your firearm in place and draw quickly where and when you want it. The best quality of this belt is that it does not sag or even hang. It gives a perfect opportunity to say no to nylon belts.

It is manufactured using the highest quality leather. This means this concealed carry belt is strong enough to carry all your gear for a long time. Also, it is stylish enough to keep you unnoticeable every day.

  • It has been made with leather material
  • It is a stylish, concealed carry belt
  • Some customers have been complaining about the overall quality of the product

2. Kmioc Concealed Carry Ccw Leather Gun Belt

Kmioc Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt 1 1/2 inch 100% Full Grain Thick Leather Belt for Gun Carry

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Next on your list is a highly reliable concealed carry belt made with 100% full-grain leather. Unlike other low-priced concealed carry belts, this belt will never be torn apart when using it. We can label it as a super thick gun belt that has the ability to tolerate all the wear and tear you put at it.

This thick and heavy-duty  belt is stylish enough to make you inconspicuous. The manufacturers are so proud of this product that they offer a 100 years warranty.

People who purchase this belt and currently using it have praised its quality. You should be certain that the quality of this belt is supreme. If that is not yet enough, this belt structures an easy sizing. All you need to do after getting this belt is to add 3 inches to your pants size. Kindly keep in mind to do this because of the belt thickness.

  • It has a nice color
  • Workmanship and the leather quality is amazing
  • There is a spot approximately the size of a quarter

3. Payolee Concealed Carry Ccw Leather Belt

POYOLEE Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt | Top Grain leather Belt for Gun Carry | Mens Heavy Duty EDC Black Belt 1 1/2-Inch

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The durable concealed carry belt is manufactured with Italian grain vegetable tanned leather. This means this product is strong enough to handle your firearm and accessories. This belt has a width of about 0.2 inches, so it’s thick and comfortable. It is durable and suitable for long-term use as it will not stretch nor sag easily.

This belt that comes with two layers of full grain leather comes with no fillers. It can be quite a tough task coming across a manufacturer who provides their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There is no doubt that a perfect and durable concealed carry belt is the base of concealed carry. It keeps your holster intact in place wherever you are going. With all the qualities, you don’t have any reason to leave this belt behind.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • comfortable for both CCW and everyday activities
  • It has nearly zero overlaps

4. Daltech Force Bull Hide Concealed Belt

Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt - Stitched 1.5

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This thick handcrafted belt is manufactured with USA bull hide leather. It is unquestionably the highest quality belt in the market. Also, it is the roughest and durable belt for regular carry.

The extraordinary quality of this belt has amplified its popularity in the market. It is a 15-ounce belt and the thickest in the market. In terms of thickness, this carry belt is 1.5 inches, which means that it will fit any of your pants flawlessly.

It comes with an interchanging buckle which is attached with a screw only. Being the prime manufacturer in the industry, they very confident about their products. For this reason, they provide 100% free exchanges on their products.

Moreover, their customer service professionals are always available to advise on the best sizing.

  • Excellent customer service
  • You will be provided with a warranty after purchasing this product
  • The holes in this concealed carry belt are not very close

5. The Collosal Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt

The Colossal Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt -1 3/4 in Duty Belt - Made in USA

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The reliable concealed carry belt is made with top-grade bull hide leather. Furthermore, this belt features a flexible and supportive polymer interior. Also, this belt is durable and water-resistant. Be assured that it is firm enough to carry a large firearm. You should not look elsewhere, as this product is a perfect belt that offers elasticity and sag-free performance.

If that is not enough, this belt has a detachable chrome with a coated buckle. Usually, the buckle features tool-free ties. Unlike other concealed carry belts that have been overflowing in the market, this product is reasonably thick. Therefore, it can seamlessly fit most belt loops and holsters.

  • Supportive and flexible interior
  • Sage free performance
  • The manufacturer should improve on the sizing of the hole

6. Dtom Buffalo Concealed Carry Belt

DTOM Buffalo Tough Concealed Carry CCW Handmade Gun Belt For 32

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Next on our list is a 100% full grain buffalo leather belt. Since it is manufactured from the outer layer roughest animals on earth means it is built to last for years. From a closer look, it is truly an everlasting piece.

Although the product is manufactured using high-quality buffalo hide, the manufacturer still provides a lifetime warranty. If anything happens to your belt, you don’t need to get a new one. Instead of tearing, this belt will look better the more you wear it.

It comes with an unbeatable price with the level of quality of this belt. You will never regret your decision to spend your hard-earned money on this belt.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • made with buffalo hide material
  • The extreme stiffness might cut into your waste

7. Autolock The Ultimate Concealed Carry Ccw Belt

The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt - 1 1/2 inch Heavy Duty Leather Belt for Gun Carry by Autolock

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Besides being thick this belt, it is quite a sturdy one. It is built thick so that the users can hang on it to perform like a champ with any weapon. The dependable auto-clock belt does not stretch or sag. The best part is, you can load the pistol belt down with all the planned gear. This durable belt can hold all types of guns.

It is a versatile belt that is picture-perfect for regular use. Additionally, this belt has sunken stitching, and it is hand polished. Apart from that, it is treated by expert leather craftsmen.

The manufacturer is so confident with their products that they provide you with a 100-year warranty. You can use it with the assurance that you are free to return your belt in case it progresses any kind of defect like tearing.

  • Versatile for everyday use
  • Heavy-duty and supreme quality
  • It almost feels like a plastic material

8. Blade Tech Ultimate Concealed Carry Belt


Blade-Tech - Ultimate Carry Belt (Black/Nylon)

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This final belt is designed with a stiff polymer core. Moreover, this concealed carry belt is designed to handle the extra weight of a firearm. The unsurpassed quality that makes this belt unique is that it can be adjusted in fine increases on the fly without having to unfasten the belt buckle.

This highly popular concealed carry belt is manufactured with water-resistant materials. It features an increasing system with 1,300lb of tensile strength.

The internal polymer core will maintain any sized firearm in tacked. Forget the days where have to wear an extremely stiff leather belt to carry heavy weapons. Moreover, small teeth in this belt allow satisfactory adjustment, unlike the old-style belts.

  • It is not very stiff
  • It can be adjusted in fine increments
  • The length of this concealed belt is very short

Buying Guide

Every belt is different from others and is suitable for different situations.

They all execute the same basic functions, and they all fulfill the same basic criteria. In order to select the best, consider the following.


Only two considerable materials should be discussed when choosing a concealed carry belt – leather and nylon webbing.


Leather is the first choice when it comes to style and durability belts. There are numerous reasons for this opinion.

Leather is traditionally popular for men’s belts. Usually, people assume to see a man wearing a leather belt. Any other material inclines to draw attention, which is the last thing anyone would want.

On the lighter note, leather does need maintenance. Leather also elasticities over time and shape up according to your body, particularly if the belt is worn every day.

Nylon Webbing

Belts manufactured with heavy-duty nylon webbing, characteristically called SCUBA webbing, are gaining more and more popularity. Though this material is not so popular for belts, nylon does have its own advantages over leather.

Nylon webbing is less stretched under normal use. You won’t notice the nylon webbing becoming shapeless. Belts made of nylon webbing don’t need as much maintenance as leather. Also, they are cheaper than a good leather belt.


Quality manufacturing is necessary, no matter what material you go with. You can easily know more about it by observing the following

Stitching :

A good belt should be double stitched. Most leather belts are made up of using a series of sandwiched layers stitched together to form the belt. The inside layers might be nylon or some other material to give the belt the mandatory stiffness. Double stitching confirms that the layers will stay secure and act as one component in daily use.


thickness is a Part of the stiffness factor. Here you have to practice a bit of moderation. There are belts available in the market that are extraordinarily thick in an effort to bring stiffness. It is also necessary that the belt must pass through the belt loops on your trousers effortlessly. Thickness can be significant, depending on the style of pants you wear habitually.


again, the style and type of trousers you wear is the regulatory factor of the width of the belt. The width of belt loops differs, and you should make sure that your belt width is well matched with your wardrobe.


The buckle is where the whole thing comes together. You can have the best leather belt available, but if the buckle is not up to the mark, you will not be comfortable and self-doubting in many ways. There are some styles of buckles that might work very well, and then there are some you should avoid, like the plague.

Traditional buckles:

Traditional buckles are the best ones and the only way to go. The metal buckle with a spine that fits through an eyelet on the other end of the belt is the safest and least likely to fail or slip.

Tension-style buckles

Tension style buckles are great in some conditions. You will find a lot of them on nylon web belts, especially those in the tactical genre’. You want to be careful when getting belts with tension buckles as the quality of the buckle draws the line between whether the belt will stay or fell off.

Cobra-style buckle 

They are standard on tactical or military-style gear. This buckle has a female and male end that instants together and will not release until you manually press the release tabs of the buckle. This design features a problem if you want to use the belt every day; the buckles are hard to fit through the belt loops on most pants.


Before we discuss style, back to the gray man concept, of course, we all want to be stylish. Stylish doesn’t mean that we must be loud or showy. It also doesn’t mean that we ignore the features we need in a well-concealed carry belt.

In fact, if chosen cautiously, a well-chosen and created belt become part of the overall impression of concealed carry by not being noticed as anything other than a belt.


Gun belts are complex, but the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to choose the right one for your needs.

What’s the perfect gun belt width?

Some belts might work perfectly at 1.25 inches, and that’s an ideal situation. However, typically, the 1.5-inch belts are more likely to be the best for concealed carry. Some belts are up to 1.75 inches thick, which may be a bit too much, but sometimes you need them.

What is a tapered gun belt?

A tapered gun belt is created to be thick for about 80% of the actual size and then tapers off into a thinner version.

Thick gun belts can be problematic to put on and take off due to their extreme thickness. A Tapered belt is effortless to put on and take off.

What is a reinforced gun belt?

A reinforced gun belt uses a metal or polymer supplement in the middle of the belt to make the belt stiffer and sturdier. Thus, it’s more supportive.

What size gun belt should you get?

This is difficult to suggest. When selecting a gun belt, the first step is to refer to the manufacturer’s product description page.

They may have precise instructions for how to size your belt. For IWB carry of a greater weapon, you may want to enhance at least 2 inches, possibly 3 to 4, to confirm a proper fit. For OWB carry, an extra inch or two is characteristically all you need to accommodate the gun.

Final Thoughts

A concealed carry belt is the one to draw a line between comfort or discomfort; you should choose carefully. The better your choice, the more relaxed you will be and the more protected your firearm will remain.

We hope that the data we have provided in this article helps you make a decent choice. Don’t forget, when you are adding a good belt, you’ll also want to round out your entire wardrobe with similar clothing.

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