8 Best Backpacks for Kids

From the youngest kid to a kid who is all prepared to hit the elementary school, middle school or beyond, kids need a backpack that will embrace everything they need on the go. The eye-catching options you find in any retail stores may not offer the quality and durability that you are looking for. Still, when parents switch to online shopping, where they can do more widespread research, the sheer amount of backpack options can certainly be overwhelming.

Out of all of the school supplies that you bought at the start of the academic year, your kid’s backpack is perhaps the one item that is put through the wringer the most. Though style and colour might be more critical to your kid, it’s you who have to decide, and you very well know that durable and strong backpacks that evenly cut the weight and affluence the pressure of heavy loads is vital, as flimsy book bags filled to the brim can cause shoulder and neck issues over time.

Go through this guide and get the best backpack for your kid, so you don’t have to regret afterwards.

1. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Our first backpack is for toddlers which are best in its business. Your child can carry this backpack to wherever they want as it can be used as a school backpack for preschool to kindergarten students and also as a travel backpack. For travel purposes, you can drag along the items that belong to your little ones.

Consisting of two compartments, there are also side pockets to carry water bottles which is an important feature. But the side pocket’s size is so small and tiny that you can take only a small-sized bottle. Moreover, this bag comes in different colours and give your kid a smart yet cute look. Having nice wide shoulder straps, this backpack delivers excellent comfort and support on the back for your toddlers. In short, this is the best kids backpack because of its high customer satisfaction, but also this backpack also scores relatively high ratings for the high number of buyers.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Capacious enough to carry all essential items


  • not any kind of safety and protection of things.


2. JanSport Superbreak Backpack

JanSport is the well-known brand for making unique backpacks, and the cherry on the top is their kids’ bags are the best and perfect because they are super durable and ultralight. It comes with only two chambers or compartments and believes me these are quite convenient and straightforward compartments for carrying all your stuff. The small room is dedicated to stationary while the bigger one is used for holding the laptop or the other heavy things like books.

This is indeed a classic looking backpack which mainly focuses on the durability, and we have observed that it has nothing much to offer apart from that. There are not many colour options. Otherwise, it is a simple yet elegant backpack, But this backpack is not tailored for kids’  stylish looks. In other words, this JanSport Superbreak backpack is the best and superb kids backpack due to its very high customer satisfaction. Moreover, this backpack also scores high ratings for an increased number of buyers.


  • Highly Durable
  • Classic bag
  • Offers lifetime warranty


  • No value to money
  • Highly-priced


3. Wildkin 40078, Plane & Trucks Backpack

This Wildkin backpack targets preschool kindergarten students because it targets daycare and `fantastic day trips for toddlers. It consists of two compartments; one is significant, and the other one is small. The small pockets are mainly dedicated to stationery items while the big bags are usually used by heavy stuff like a laptop or any heavy books or notebooks. It looks quite impressive and stylish for a 5 to a 10-year-old student as it also comes with a variety of different colours and the best thing is each colour also comes with a different unique design pattern drawn on the backpack.

It is indeed also a well-organized backpack for any level student. In the core compartment or the zipper pocket, kids can easily carry their school books and even notebooks. The front small zipper pocket compartment is used for carrying snacks and lunchbox that your kid would need in his lunchtime. Moreover, there are also two side pockets for putting water bottles for your young one.


  • Best quality
  • Beautifully designed
  • Very durable


  • No safety


4. Adidas Unisex Excel III Backpack

Adidas Unisex Excel 3 Backpack is primarily for the girls who like to live rough because of its outstanding durability. It is quite impressive, lovely, and full of exciting features that every kid wishes to have in his/her backpack. It has four compartments. One on the front is a small pocket that can be used for carrying your stationery items or snacks. Other to this zippered compartment, there is also an oversized zipper for carrying a lunch box. But the remaining two are big main compartments, and both are for maintaining the notebooks and books.

It is a most beautiful and straightforward backpack which comes in a superb pink colour which is very astonishing. Though this backpack is lightweight and durable and made from Nylon but still while reviewing this, we have concluded that it is not waterproof. It is also impressive that this backpack is the most comfortable to carry along on small shoulders as both the shoulder strap and back pads are breathable enough and provide ultra-support and comfort.


  • Highly organizable
  • Large capacity
  • Sleek and beautiful design


  • Not waterproof
  • No safety measures


5. Everest Junior Backpack

Next bag that is purposely tailored for kids is from Everest Junior. This backpack for kids comes with only two chambers. The front section or compartment is of the small size where you can store your small items like stationery while there is only one main zippered compartment to save your heavy textbooks or even your iPad.  Your kid can carry all your stuff in this backpack anywhere he wants.

Its beautiful looks and a good range of colour options would undoubtedly make this your style statement.

This bag is made from durable materials like 600D Poly fabric which does not only help the bag to last longer but also at the same time would act a great water-repellent. This bag’s dimensions are 10 x 3.5 x 13 inches, which shows that it is not massive in size but still can pack most of your essential things in this backpack.


  • Light in weight
  • Have value for money


  • Materials are no Durable enough.
  • Comfort is not Good


6. JiaYou Boy Girl Unisex School Bag

This is a new addition in the market, but we have received positive reviews about this bag from many customers despite this. This fantastic backpack comes with vital pockets like one for carrying an iPad or else it has large and sizable compartments. There are side pockets as well for carrying water bottles. Furthermore, this backpack also consists of some pouches. One is for taking stationery items, but the 2nd pouch is for carrying a lunch box, and you don’t have to show your concern about it.

Talking about its durability, it is made up of 100% polyester. High-quality polyester provides this backpack with the most durability. Still, this polyester material makes this bag also water-repellant, which is indeed a plus point for parents and kids both. As your child has to carry this on his shoulder, the padded shoulder straps and padded back panel give ultimate support and comfort to the user.


  • High value for your money
  • Best for both girls and boys
  • Beautiful design


  • No anti-theft protection


7. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel is a well-known and well-reputed brand, and for a good reason and throughout the years they have proved themselves by making a reliable, durable, and practical backpack. You would surely be impressed to know that this backpack comes in a variety of shades and is exceptionally well equipped for your kid to breeze through the big school hallways, not just only in style but also in comfort too.

This backpack has the dimensions of 17.5 inches by 11.75 inches and comes with multiple inside compartments and pockets. The impressive thing is made ideally for books, gadgets, pencil cases, and everything else and consists of a 15-inch laptop sleeve. Finally, this backpack completes itself with waterproof zippers, and also substantial padding and fleecing inside.


  • Waterproof zippers
  • Laptop sleeve gives protection for your valuable
  • Convenient bag for school and work.


  • Highly-priced
  • Does not have an external water bottle compartment


8. Hunter Original Kids’ Backpack

Hunter Originals is best recognized for its stylish and durable Wellingtons, and also the brand has created an excellent backpack for younger kids. Their products are eye-catching and come in some great colours which include pink, red, and black. This bag will surely help your child with properly equipped with for entire school day or even days out adventuring. This bag is constructed with water-resistant material like Nylon; this backpack’s contents are protected through thick and thin.

As Nylon is very durable polyester, this bag can last for many years and can be the best friend of your youngster. The padded straps will help your small kid to carry the whole day without soring his shoulder. Finally, Hunter has designed this backpack to cram in a lot, while still being able to endure a suitable size for small kids.


  • Durable nylon material
  • The array of stylish colours
  • Water-resistant
  • Suitably padded straps


  • Lacks compression and chest straps
  • Not suitable for older kids


Buying Guide

As we narrowed down the best backpacks on the market for kids, we also factored in the concerns you care about most. Our number-one problem is comfort because we know that an uncomfortable child is the most unhappy child, affecting his performance.

After considering more than two-dozen options of backpacks over the past five years, we have determined and researched that a good kids backpack should:

  • Size and Capacity: This should be the first point while you are buying a backpack for anyone. It is an essential aspect as you would like to store all the necessary valuables items like books, notebooks, pencils, etc., for heading to school. But that doesn’t mean that you go and look for a giant bag because that would definitely create a severe back problem for your kids. So, your kid’s bag should not be so small nor too big but must be sizable.
  • Straps: While buying the backpack for your kid, you have to make sure that the shoulder straps must be adjustable, comfortable, and also padded. You also have to keep your kid’s growth factor in your mind, and if the straps are adjustable so they will last until the end of the year.
  • Compartments and Pockets: Number of pockets and compartments is also an important consideration. A backpack with numerous compartments and pockets helps keep all essential items organized and safe in one place. We have noticed that getting a multiple-pockets bag is not difficult. So, keep this factor in your mind while buying any backpack.
  • Material Quality: The quality of any material is the primary feature of any product. Maybe your kid won’t understand this and might consider colour and style, but you have to keenly observe the backpack’s quality that you are planning to purchase. You have to get the bag of high-quality so that it can last for an entire year, but you have to make sure that the material should be waterproof. Backpacks made from Nylon, polyester and other water-resistant materials will help your kid to manage easily by his own as these waterproof types of bags keep your kid’s books safe and dry in rainy weather.
  • Brand: Obviously, you don’t want to get two or three bags in a year. Instead, to invest repeatedly in one item, it is always wise to invest once on the right brand. Well-reputed brands will not disappoint you and give you a warranty on their bags that would help you build trust as a customer. This factor undoubtedly matters more to older children, who will usually prefer a pack with the right and branded logo than the right specifications, but you should have to make your smart pick.


The list of best backpack mentioned above is comprehensively built. A tremendous or perfect school backpack for kids should corral all the stuff they require for the entire school day. It should also be very appropriately sized for smaller kids and contented to lug around. Also, since kids will drag their backpack every day for a school (or beyond), it should be durable enough and come in enough designs and colours to let kids express their sense of style.

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