Adidas Women Santiago Mini Backpack Review

Adidas backpack

Before moving towards the product reviews and specifications, we would like to draw your attention to the small story that is associated with the company that has introduced this backpack.

It still seems an improbable tale: a modest shoemaker from a small and rural town in a country named Germany develops a range of sports products so original and so faultless that they are sought by well-known athletes from all over the globe. As he indulges his enthusiasm for the sport and for innovation, he further creates a brand as prodigious as any in the world.

An unlikely story, but still not impossible. Impossible is Nothing. For Adidas, it all started with that pair of shoes. Shoes to play in. Great shoes to play better in. Shoes to win in. Shoes that, one fine day, would tread Wembley and Wimbledon, win their medals at the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup™.

Athletes would wear them, recent record-breakers, and even champions. Nowadays, Adidas is one of the world’s leading brands, which is well recognized and greatly respected. Desire, authenticity, innovation, inspiration, honesty and obviously commitment .

that is what Adidas actually means to us and indeed to the world. But above all this, it is the stories that made this great Adi Dassler’s idea and principle “no athlete left behind” come to life on the stages of the primary sports around the globe.

Adidas Mini Backpack Women Review

Product Description

After going through this brand, we would now move towards the product. Mini backpacks are true all the rage, and this fashionable and light version is the picture-perfect sporty companion to your average style.

Pair the Women’s Adidas Originals Santiago Mini Backpack with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers for an on-the-go storage choice that is as useful as it is trend-setting. As mentioned, Adidas is a well-known brand around the globe, and this specific product is nothing less than their maintained standard.

Style and look Overview

Giving you an overview of this backpack in few lines, carry your athletic style with you wherever you go, thanks to the innovative Santiago Mini Backpack from Adidas.

The refined and simple Santiago Mini Backpack sports consist of a prominent trefoil logo print on the front, spacious primary compartment with superb zipper entry, easily adjustable shoulder straps, and front organizer pouch with zipper entry for easy and convenient storage of your valuable and small-sized accessories.

Best of best carry backpack for Women

Usually, backpacks are carried for hours and hours and believe us, carrying this backpack even for an entire day is not a problem. It comes with a top haul handle which makes it easy to drag along, and if you don’t like your hand being busy, then you can always use its padded shoulder straps so that you can quickly wear this without having any back problems.

Valuable Storage

For storage purposes, this backpack features a spacious main storage compartment to store your big stuff. Moreover, apart from this, it also contains a front zip pocket for additional and extra storage of your small valuable items like passport, mobile charger and your keys.


Talking about its durability, this backpack is made from 100% polyester body and 100% recycled polyester lining, which makes this sturdy enough to be your companion for several years. This is also great as you don’t have to buy new backpacks every single year and invest in the same thing.

This backpack will also grab the attention of those people who are cleaning freaks. This is because this great backpack is constructed with wipeable material for spot and soft cleaning with only soap and water.

Wrap Up

So, to put our findings in a shell, we concluded that this backpack has a compact design that is just perfect for stashing your daily and essential essentials. The front side zip pocket has an inner fob to protect your house or even car keys. The backpack is finally finished with a Trefoil logo graphic on the front.

Whether it is a girls’ weekend or a simple day trip in the city, this small backpack purse is up for it all. The sporty Adidas branding gives it a nice retro look. A special and perfect place for your key fob in the front pocket means you won’t be trapped rummaging around at the bottommost of your bag when the hectic day is done.

To sum up, the specifications so that you can have a crux of this guide, go through these bullet points.

  • Dimensions: 7 inches x 4.5 inches x 9.5 inches
  • 100% polyester
  • Key fob inside
  • Webbing shoulder straps
  • Wipeable material for instant cleaning with just soap and water
  • Imported

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