7 Best Backpacks For College In 2021

You would agree that one thing that’s synonymous with school or college is a backpack. The average person spends around 20% of their life in his educational carrier. In high school, bags are not really an inevitability, but if you are a freshman in college, you got to have one. You might think that you will be able to manage without one, but you can’t even if you want to. 

As a student you have to consider how many classes you have to take, where they are located and if you can even get back to your room before your next class, these are all things you have to think about before preparing yourself for college. I’m pretty sure that a good backpack is not only a status and style symbol but also a tool that can serve you for a longer, at least until the day of your graduation!

We have compiled a list of best backpacks for college which can simplify your buying process, complied with a comprehensive buying guide to satisfy you even further.


1. High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack, 19 x 13.5 x 8.5-Inch, Black

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Our first pick is the backpack from High Sierra. It has the numerous compartments out of all gears in our list. This gives a lot like a loop in shape. It is so capacious that you can easily also pack two days of clothes for your vacation in this fantastic bag. The durability is also excellent and up to the mark. A high Sierra loop bag has almost four zippered sections on the outside of the backpack, making it a multi-compartment design and multi-compartment design that makes the organization of different stuff more manageable and organized with this bag.

High Sierra loop backpack has pretty much big size. You can even carry your 17-inch laptop, tablet, phone, and much more. That is why if you need a big backpack that is sufficient for the school and off-school activities, then you should go for this.

Furthermore, this backpack is also made up of some high-quality materials. Those materials make this bag somewhat pretty durable. It is also water-resistant. In short, After buying this bag, you should not worry about durability.


  • Water-resistant
  • Reasonable price
  • Quite durable


  • Not a pleasant look
  • No anti-theft protection


2. Fjallraven – Raven 28 Backpack

Fjallraven, Raven 28 Backpack, Fits 15

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This backpack is designed while keeping simplicity in mind. You can use this backpack also as a travel laptop backpack, college backpack, and even for everyday use, that one can imagine. This Raven 28 backpack comes with three zipper compartments. One of the zippers is considered as the main compartment while the second one is almost equal in size. Finally, the third compartment, the small one is not too small.  For your surprise, It can carry a big sized laptop and most of the other essentials related to college of travel.

Fjallraven – Raven 28 backpack gives the most sophisticated look. That is best suitable for decent and thoughtful type students or people. This look is also beautiful and here simply doesn’t mean that it is not exciting at all. This bag is also available in various colours, giving you the option to choose. Moreover, this bag has padded shoulder straps and also a back panel, which offers safety for your back and makes it a comfortable backpack.


  • Gives a premium look
  • Ample size and capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality


  • No safety options
  • Little pricey


3.  JANSPORT Right Pack

JanSport Right Pack Black One Size

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The next in our list is an iconic suede leather bottom and is named the iconic JanSport classic backpack. Keeping in mind that the college students also have to carry laptops with them, this backpack has an internal 15-inch laptop container and a front zipped pocket. This JanSport’s bag is an original classic, but occasionally it needs to be paired with clothing to complete the best-sophisticated style that matches for you. 

JanSport is the most trusted and well-reputed name in backpacks, and you got to have a strong trust and confidence in bags with the name of JanSport. Every JanSport backpack has a lifetime warranty. This clearly shows that the product Manufacturer knows pretty well that we will repair or replace any breaks, so you can safely and easily carry JanSport.


  • Front secret pocket
  • padded shoulder straps for easy use
  • One large main compartment for laptop
  • Front utility pocket with organizer


  • Only supports 15-inch laptop


4. YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack

YOREPEK Backpack for Men,Extra Large 50L Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port,TSA Friendly Business College Bookbags Fit 17 Inch Laptops,Black

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This is another extra-large college school backpack for men. It has twenty different self-governing pockets so that you can organize and store your items quickly and easily. Moreover, this backpack is so capacious that it consists of three spacious main multi-level compartments with several hidden pockets to accommodate and adjust many kinds of things. Yorepek Backpack is quite practical and convenient. It comes with an external USB port with a built-in charging cable that can charge your cell-phone and other electronic devices everywhere during your entire travel journey.

There is also a hole outside the headset for easy and convenient use of the headset. Besides, the student bag’s sturdy handle comes with a steel cable on the top and a side compression strap that can be well accommodated to suit your wants and needs. As a female backpack, you will certainly enjoy its comfort, style and convenience everywhere.


  • USB port for charging of electronic devices
  • Three main compartments
  • Can store your laptop and tablet at a time
  • Large Capacity of the Bag with 20 independent compartments


  • Not suitable for school use due to the massive capacity of the bag


5. Herschel Settlement Backpack

Herschel Settlement Backpack, Grey, Classic 23.0L

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Herschel Settlement is a great practical backpack with the best quality of plastic zipper for retro style and modernity. This backpack is very famous and has unique and distinctive design features with a high-quality structure that renovates the iconic retro style for you. The pack’s material is polyester, which is the most significant material for any sort of backpacks. The fabric lining inside the bag is for more protection of your valuable products, and those who are cleanliness freak would be glad to hear that it also facilitates you during the cleanliness of a backpack.

You will surely enjoy the zipper closure pockets of this bag because your items will remain completely safe and secure inside that closure. Moreover, it has a small media pocket in which you keep your headphones safely.


  • Light-weight
  • Internal headphone compartment
  • Zippers pockets
  • Polyester materials


  • Don’t have heavy storage capacity.


6. KINGSLONG Laptop Backpack

KINGSLONG Laptop Backpack for Women 15.6 inch for Travel Work Waterproof Red

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This bag is the ultimate option to carry numerous stuff in their bag but still wants to look trendy and stylish. This backpack consists of three zippered compartments, but all of the pockets are also equal in size. Inside the rooms, there are enough compartments that make you able to carry your power bank, phone, your notes, folders, pouch, and many more things, there are also side pockets to carry water bottles on a sunny day and moreover, a perfect size laptop pocket to have that easily.

This bag has a beautiful and business look and comes in three different shades, but personally, my favourite one is grey.  This backpack is made up of pure polyester fabric, which makes quite durable. Its anti-tearing and scratching features help in added durability of this backpack. It also looks premium and stable from a distance. That is why this bag has super top-notch quality. This backpack also comes with the water-resistance feature.


  • Anti-theft protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Beautiful look


  • Lacks customization 

7. ProETrade Bookbag

Backpack Bookbag for School College Student Sturdy Travel Business Laptop Compartment with USB Charging Port Luggage Chest Straps Night Light Reflective (Black)

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Lastly, we have a lightweight backpack which is ideal for students. This is also water-proof bag which can adjust your books and even laptop very easily. It also structures a USB charging port for your phone or other electronic devices you have to carry.

It also give you a wide range of great trendy colours that include purple, orange, navy blue, and black so have many options to select from. The ProETrade bag has ergonomically intended shoulder straps, so your spine won’t suffer, whether you are trekking up a trail or walking across campus to your chem lab, you won’t have to think twice for carrying this.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes in great trendy colours
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • Zippers might comes come out after frequent use.


Buying Guide

Choosing a backpack for your college should not be complicated or overly-time consuming task.  Every college student can take a few elementary steps to simplify your buying process of the pack so that they can choose and pick the one that suits all of their needs and requirements without the unnecessary bells and whistles or extra costs.

Still, if you are not satisfied with our list, we have prepared an inclusive buying guide through which you can easily access any backpack that you are willing to buy. These critical elements come together to provide students with an attractively designed, functional, and contented bag that can handle the regular routines of your college life.

  • Durability and Construction

Well, construction and good durability are really at the centre of long-term quality and can significantly influence how long your backpack will last.  When choosing to buy a pack, you must pay close attention to the constituents it is made out of and ponder the type of environment you will be in most often. Durability is often the end result of the backpack’s the textile and material makeup, the border it is built on, and the quality of sewing processes, which helps the gear retain its structure over time. You have to prefer the backpack made from nylon and polyester, especially if you are a resident of humid areas, making your bag completely water-proof. At the end of the day, selecting a backpack with a high durability level is usually the smart choice if and only it doesn’t sacrifice your comfort and carrying efficiency.

  • Storage capacity matters

Storing capacity is the amount of gear your college backpack can carry before it becomes burdened or insufficient for your needs. The dimensions aspect is quite essential for those who have giant textbooks, journal notebooks, or other essentials that need a certain amount of internal space to fit their files and gear comfortably inside a backpack. By knowing what items, you will be carrying around to college in advance, you can easily choose a pack that will be able to house all of your giant books, clothing, technology and other essential gear without overflowing or unnecessarily sticking out of your bag.

  • Keep it mobile-friendly

If you have to choose the backpack with large capacity, at the same time you have seriously consider that it should be mobile-friendly. One common mistake consumer makes when selecting a bag is getting a backpack that is way too big for their daily wants and needs. A too bulky gear can create weight distribution disproportions due to items constantly shifting around or dropping to the back of the bag, creating uneasiness on the end and shoulders and leading to a less balanced walking experience.


The backpacks in our list come in a variety of dimensions with a wide range of structures and excellent designs, so whether you are a high school student headed off to college or even a sturdy college student trying to make college life a little cooler, the backpacks you will find here are sure to fit your style and needs.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful enough to meet your required and desired product.

Happy Shopping

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